High rate of suicide among Bhutanese refugees resettled in US continues; some wish they had stayed in camps

For new readers, please visit our Bhutanese archive for background because I would have to write a book to bring you up to speed.  We have been taking thousands of Bhutanese (Nepalese) refugees ever since the Bush Administration began admitting them in 2007 (or was it 2008), it doesn’t matter, the bottom line is now we are headed toward 80,000 admitted so far and many are struggling.

According to this article as many as 55 have hanged themselves when they learned the “American dream” was a nightmare for them.

From the Los Angeles Times (hat tip: Joanne):

Som Subedi (left) on suicide watch for Lutheran Community Services (salary paid by the US taxpayer).

Som Subedi is stuck in traffic. He’s running late to check on one of his flock: a 37-year-old woman who’s among scores of newly arrived Bhutanese immigrants he watches over like a worried parent.

Ran Gurung is on Subedi’s watch list. A refugee advocate, he fears Gurung is not adjusting well since arriving in June from a camp in Nepal, where her husband mysteriously vanished. She came to the U.S. alone, with only a few relatives already here for support.

Feds didn’t want to listen at first.  Why? I suspect they didn’t want anything to interfere with the warm and fuzzy feeling they get from their do-gooder work.

That’s how Subedi discovered a disturbing trend: Bhutanese immigrants in the U.S. are killing themselves at an alarming rate. Many deaths take place during the 15-day Dashain holiday that starts in late September. The festival celebrates family and community.

He calls it the Suicide Season.

In six years, up to 55 Bhutanese immigrants have hanged themselves, using ropes or traditional scarves, and Subedi suspects the rate might be even higher. He has hounded federal agencies such as the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement to investigate the trend. He sent emails, made telephone calls, even traveled to Washington to address officials.

“I was bothering them,” he said. “I was a pest. It was what I had to do.”

The American dream is dangerous!

Why were people killing themselves when they were finally free of the hopelessness of the camps, able to start a new life?

Then it struck Subedi: For many Bhutanese, the American experience was just plain lonely.

He wrote a column for the Oregonian newspaper, questioning the American dream. “I am a refugee from Bhutan,” he began, describing how he once encouraged friends in the camps in Nepal to hurry to the U.S., a place he called “close to heaven.”

He wrote: “Now I see those newly arrived struggling; they question me about my ‘heaven.’ Some say they would return, if possible, to their dark refugee camps rather than face their desperate situations in Oregon. I have come to feel that ‘the American dream’ is dangerous, because people come here with great expectations. I have stopped calling the camps in Nepal.”

There is so much more, read it all.

I hope all of this gives pause to the social engineers at the UN (which promoted this resettlement because they wanted to close the camps in Nepal, while never of course wanting to close the camps housing the Palestinians!), the State Department and their paid lackeys (the church contractors).  The arrogance of Americans!  It never seems to occur to any of them that people are better off in their own cultures with their own kind of people.

We did learn just recently that the Bhutanese program is to be closed and the spaces made available to Syrians (who will be another unhappy bunch arriving in your cities soon).  Come to think of it maybe the Syrians won’t be so unhappy because the mostly Muslims mission here will be to be part of Al-Hijra thus giving more meaning and purpose to their lives in America.  The Bhutanese are mostly Hindus.

Articles sure look like coordinated propaganda campaign by US refugee contractors

Sioux Falls, Tucson, Lowell, Minneapolis, Bowling Green:  More refugees on the way!

I’ve been collecting articles that have appeared in several states over the last ten days, all sounding a similar theme—basically all is well in “welcoming” American towns and cities which have become primary welcoming resettlement sites for the US State Department and its resettlement contractors.

It appears that early October was the target date for getting the propaganda machine cranking. 

First we had the ‘welcoming’ news from “Welcoming America” about the ‘welcoming’ mayors, here.   Then there was the release of the movie in a theater near you on October 3rd entitled “The Good Lie” which I need to see to determine which of many lies about refugees the film is promoting and is there any mention of the ‘bad lies.’

And, articles in papers in at least five states (surely others too which I have not yet seen) about the program and how fabulous (did I say welcoming?) it is.  And, funny coincidence is that this is all happening as Obama released his new refugee plan for FY 2015 (which began on October 1).

Bowling Green, KY Iraqi refugee sets up new apartments for the new refugees flooding the town. See one of many posts we wrote in 2009 about how the refugee contractor was putting refugees in slums with no winter clothes: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2009/10/25/whats-going-on-in-bowling-green-ky-a-presumption-of-good-intentions/

You have to hand it to them, these people are really good at planting puff-piece propaganda!

Check out the articles yourselves and see what I mean!

From Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Befriending Sioux Falls Refugees) everything is hunky dory thanks to contractor Lutheran Social Services!

About 500 refugees arrive in South Dakota each year. Last year, Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota helped resettle 389 people in Sioux Falls and 146 in Huron.

From Tucson, Arizona (Refugees Seek Safety in Arizona):

Tucson’s reputation as a welcoming city for refugees goes back at least a decade.

One of Tucson’s resettlement contractors is Catholic Charities.

Catholic Community Services assists refugees with housing, case management and learning English. In a field of work where budgets are always tight, he said funding is an even bigger challenge for his organization than adapting to the various needs of the people they serve.

The number of refugees Catholic Community Services helps has doubled from 150 in 2003 to 300 in the present day.

From Lowell, Massachusetts (Lowell still a top site for refugees):

Don’t worry!  Contractor, the International Institute of New England, is doing a bang-up job!

LOWELL — Refugees still come into Lowell to start their new lives in America, just as they always have, most notably Cambodians fleeing the Khmer Rouge. Refugees and immigrants have given the city one of the most diverse populations in Massachusetts.

The International Institute of New England’s Lowell office, the only refugee resettlement agency in Middlesex County, has seen nearly 300 arrivals in the past 11 months. As a city, Lowell trails only Worcester and West Springfield among Massachusetts cities expecting the most refugees in the coming fiscal year.

“Lowell, for a number of reasons, is still good for resettlement,” Derek Mitchell, director of the International Institute’s Lowell branch, said Friday at a meeting of refugee service providers at the Lowell Community Health Center.

From Minneapolis, Minnesota where the Hmong and Somalis are doing great we are told, here (published in Pittsburgh so residents there don’t put up resistance).

Finally, nonprofit refugee resettlement groups and political leaders in the region reached out to the Hmong, just as they had earlier to refugees from Vietnam and Cambodia.

Groups like Lutheran Social Service and Catholic Charities led the way in helping the Hmong find homes, jobs and English language classes, Mr. Allen said, and political leaders like former St. Paul mayor George Latimer openly welcomed the new refugees.

Last but not least, Bowling Green, Kentucky (Sen. Rand Paul’s hometown) is the most deceptive story of all (Refugees find new homes here).  Who are these reporters that don’t seem to know how to use google?

We have a huge archive on Bowling Green and a big chunk of it is about the housing problems in Bowling Green, not to mention the crime and the Iraqi terrorists the resettlement contractors have brought in with the refugee flood.   No worries! Bowling Green is wonderful and welcoming!

Hundreds of refugees resettle in Bowling Green each year through the International Center. The growing number of foreign-born residents makes up 10.6 percent of the city’s population, according to U.S. Census Bureau data from 2012.

Sorry, I wish I had the time and the patience because this story is so blatantly a puff-piece it makes me want to scream!

Got a recent propaganda puff-piece where you live?  Please put a link in the comments to this post!

You can bet all of these ‘welcoming’ cities will get many more refugees in the coming year and these articles were planted to help keep ‘pockets of resistance’ from developing.

By the way, if you missed it, see our FY2014 wrap-up here yesterday.

Learn more about “The Boat People” and the Invasion of Europe

The Irish Times has published a very detailed article about the alien invasion of primarily Italy (from Italy they move on northward) as tens of thousands of Africans and Middle Easterners attempt the sea crossing into Europe.  Many die in the attempt, but the Italian government is funding a costly campaign to rescue them at sea.

In my view, they will never stop coming until European governments start turning those boats back to North Africa.

Why do we publish so much about Europe when America is being invaded as well?  Because you need to know it is worse and demographic conquest is more advanced and speeding up in Europe.  A lesson for us?  I sure hope so!   See the Irish Times, here.

See our complete ‘invasion of Europe’ series by clicking here.   Oh, and pick up a copy of The Camp of the Saints!

Update October 9th:  More to ponder, how many boat people rescued by the Italians will be carrying Ebola?  Some EU leaders want to slow immigration!  From the NYT.  Good luck with that!