Number of “Islamic extremists” grows in Germany

German Interior Minister, Hans-Georg Maassen. So if they know this, why take in the tens of thousands of Muslims being admitted to Germany right now?

And, gee I wonder out of what population they are springing?

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German authorities at least have the good sense to call them ‘Islamic extremists’ and not ‘violent extremists.’

From the Associated Press:

BERLIN (AP) — The number of Islamic extremists in Germany is growing rapidly, the head of the country’s domestic intelligence agency said Saturday.

The agency estimates that some 6,300 people in Germany are adherents of an ultraconservative strain of Islam known as Salafism, Hans-Georg Maassen told public broadcaster rbb-Inforadio. In Germany, all Salafis are considered Islamic extremists and on the radar of the security services, though other groups are also monitored if they are determined to be a threat to the state or democratic order.

Maassen said the number of Salafis could rise to 7,000 by the end of the year, compared to about 3,800 three years ago.

Interesting is that he uses the broad term ‘Salafis’ or Salafism instead of what the US authorities often do—tell us it is Al Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, ISIS etc. which only further distances the discussion from the root cause of Islamist violence—the ideology itself!

Let me say though that the greater threat to Germany, the US and the West generally (in my view) is the Muslim demographic time bomb— slower, but more deadly in the long-run than terrorists here or there.

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Somali example of why federal ‘countering violent extremism’ theory is all wet (and dangerous)

One of the country’s preeminent experts on the Islamist agenda in America, Patrick Poole, in a recent PJ Media post tells us why the federal “lone wolf” extremist concept is bogus and highlights a case he was personally familiar with involving Somali Dahir Gurey in Columbus, Ohio during the height of the Al-Shabaab recruitment of Somali refugees in America.

Poole: Feds are counting on the “good Islamists” to report on and counter the “bad Islamists.” Photo:

For background see at least this post from 2008, here at RRW where you will see that the recruitment issue was covered fairly widely but never really broke into the national consciousness as has the recent ISIS recruitment in the US.

I think the final number of Somali refugees who joined Al-Shabaab, thumbing their noses at the good life in America you gave them, was in the 20s (or at least that is the number the feds actually found evidence of).

Here is Poole at PJ Media (hat tip: Richard at Blue Ridge Forum).  ‘Lone Wolf,’ or ‘Known Wolf’? The Ongoing Counter-Terrorism Failure:

CVE (countering violent extremism) has been a colossal disaster because it has no roots in reality. It was always intended as a convenient fiction for politicians, bureaucrats, media and academics to avoid talking about the problem of the ideology that supports Islamic terrorism.

There has never once been a recorded case of anyone on the planet swearing their allegiance to the ideology of “violent extremism” and their willingness to kill others and die in the cause of “violent extremism.” It is a null set. There is nothing to counter, which is the whole point. And yet there are academics and institutions who are the beneficiaries of mountains of taxpayer cash to pursue the elusive CVE unicorn.


One crackpot theory has been that there are good Islamists that we can use against the bad Islamists. This was the keystone of the Obama administration’s Arab Spring policies. And this theory put into practice in Egypt, Libya, Syria and other places has left the Middle East in even worse shape than Obama found it.

Poole’s personal report from Columbus, Ohio about Somali refugee Dahir Gurey:

I’ve seen this “known wolf” problem work first-hand.

When the problem of terror recruitment amongst the U.S. Somali community by al-Shabaab became an issue in 2008 and 2009, there were reports in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, which has the second largest Somali population in the country, that al-Shabaab operative Dahir Gurey was fundraising and recruiting for the terrorist group in the area. He later showed up in Minneapolis.

When we told the FBI about it, the response was that our information couldn’t be accurate, because if it were true they would have heard about it from their local Muslim outreach partners.

Fast forward 18 months: Dahir Gurey was killed in a firefight in Mogadishu operating as a senior al-Shabaab commander. As I reported at the time, local FBI officials had publicly said that there was no known terrorist recruitment in the Columbus area just a week before Gurey’s death. He was featured last year in a recent al-Shabaab recruitment video targeting American recruits. But it’s doubtful our FBI office subsequently asked their Muslim outreach “partners” about it.

Read it all.

In 2009 we attended a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on the recruitment issue and were shocked at the naivety demonstrated by Senators Lieberman and Collins.

And for your information: We have admitted 9,000 Somalis to the US in FY2014 which ended on September 30th. 

That makes this year one of the ‘best’ years for Somalis since the Bush years of 2004, 2005 and 2006, here.

Update October 27th:  See also Columbus, Ohio mosques mushrooming, here.

Top ten languages spoken by refugees to America in last seven fiscal years; Arabic is #1

Fiscal year 2014 just ended on September 30th, so this is a good time to visit the Refugee Processing Center where statistics are managed for the US State Department. Shortly the 2014 year-end stats will disappear down a black hole, so visit Admissions and Arrival reports now! (FY2015 stats for the first month of this new fiscal year will appear shortly after the end of October.)

Just a reminder that it will be your local government and state that will be responsible for providing (paying for!) interpreters in schools, health departments and the criminal justice system as these refugees are resettled in your towns and cities.

Here are the top languages spoken by refugees who arrived in the US in FY2008 – FY2014 (and be sure to note the number speaking ‘minor’ languages):

1 Arabic 91,040

2 Nepali 78,862

3 Sgaw Karen 36,419

4 Somali 34,632

5 Spanish 27,814

6 Chaldean 15,694

7 Burmese 12,248

8 Armenian 12,066

9 Kayah 10,384

10 Other Minor Languages 9,448

Total 328,607

By the way, the US State Department’s Refugee Processing Center previously provided a lot of other very useful information—like what cities refugees were resettled in—which is no longer available to the public.  One more effort to keep this program as secret as they can possibly make it.

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