Groundbreaking case in Europe: Countries can stop welfare shoppers

Here is more ‘invasion of Europe’ news that gives me an idea for a change in US law.

Maybe there is a way to amend some American laws to give states the right to restrict welfare handouts so that we don’t see cases like the recent one in Cheyenne, WY where Somalis arrived, not to work, but to scoop up subsidized housing vouchers to take back to Colorado.

Is a little bit of sovereignty being returned to European countries?

Andreas Scheuer, secretary general of Germany’s conservative Christian Social Union.

From The Telegraph (EU court rules benefit tourists can be excluded from welfare schemes):

The European Court of Justice declares EU member states must have ‘the possibility of refusing’ social benefits to ‘economically inactive’ EU citizens.

Britain can ban European Union migrants from claiming “special non-contributory cash benefits” for up to five years, according to a landmark judgement in Luxembourg.

The EU courts have ruled that it is up to the Government, not Brussels, how it drafts legislation that that excludes foreign, European nationals from claiming social assistance benefits.

As well as asserting national sovereignty over out-of-work welfare benefits, the European Court of Justice has stopped unemployed migrants from using human rights legislation to appeal against measures blocking them from benefits.


The German case involved two Romanian nationals, Elisabeta Dano and her son Florin, who were refused benefits in Leipzig because she “did not enter Germany in order to seek work there”.

She and her son have been residing in Germany since November 2010.

“One of the conditions for a right of residence is that economically inactive persons must have sufficient resources of their own,” said the EU court. “The directive thus seeks to prevent economically inactive EU citizens from using the host member state’s welfare system to fund their means of subsistence.”

Photo: There is another story at DPA International quoting Scheuer on the decision:

“Those who only come to Germany wanting to lay in the social hammock can be denied social benefits.”

But don’t forget, it is Germany that has invited tens of thousands of Syrians to live there, and the city of Cologne recently purchased that 4-star hotel for migrants.  So, me thinks, there is a little schizophrenia going on here with the potential for a huge clash coming in Germany at some point.  Either that, or it is perfectly acceptable to Scheuer and other leaders to allow “refugees” and “asylum seekers” to lay around in hammocks, but not citizens of other European countries.

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