Nebraska bill would place financial responsibility on refugee resettlement contractors

All over the country, various governors and state legislatures are attempting to get some control over the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program which has, up until now, placed third world refugees in cities and towns in 48 states with no serious attempt to get local input.
Now I see that a bill has been introduced in Nebraska which would put financial responsibility on the non-profit resettlement contractor acting as the front for the federal government if refugees commit criminal acts.
I have no idea whether this could fly, but readers remember that every time an effort like this is made, and publicity is generated, more Americans learn that this program exists, and most don’t like it when they find out!  
There will be no one silver bullet to the heart of the program, it will take years of agitation (political and legal) by you and your fellow citizens who hopefully will ultimately prevail in convincing your legislators in Washington that their continued support of the present program will cost them their political futures.
Before I give you the news from the North Platte Bulletin, please check out our category on crimes here at RRW. We have 1,927 posts! on the topic going back to 2007.  Not all involve refugees, some posts are about other criminals who got into the US through a legal program and some involve crimes in Europe, however anyone looking for examples of refugees who committed crimes should mine that category.

There should have been some responsibility placed on refugee contractor in Utah!

Kyi Kyi Po, left, and Cartoon Wah move a painting of Po's sister and Wah's daughter, Hser Ner Moo, during the Hser Ner Moo Community and Welcome Center Grand Reopening in Salt Lake City on Saturday, March 17, 2012.
After jury found Esar Met guilty of rape and murder: Hser Ner Moo’s father Cartoon Wah (right) said, “My only daughter is still no more.”

I want to tell you about one crime that still haunts me and it happened years ago (in 2008).
In Utah a Burmese Muslim was placed in a housing complex with Burmese Christians and he raped and brutally murdered a little Christian girl.  It was a horrible crime and involved a lengthy (expensive) trial in Salt Lake City that found him guilty (never made national news and it should have!).
I always believed there should have been some repercussions for the resettlement contractor (and the US State Dept) that placed him among Burmese Christians.  (A Salt Lake Tribune reporter, Julia Lyon, went to Thailand and found that the Muslims and Christians were in separate sections of the refugee camp for obvious reasons!).
Utah taxpayers will pay for his incarceration for life.
So, I like this idea of placing some responsibility on the local resettlement contractors because maybe they will stop being so naive about who they are dropping off in your neighborhoods!
Here is the North Platte Bulletin:

A bill introduced in the Legislature would make resettlement groups more financially responsible for Muslim refugees that they sponsor.

The bill would specify that a refugee resettlement agency is liable to the state or any political subdivision for the cost of prosecution and damages or injuries to victims proximately caused by criminal acts committed by refugee accepted by the agency within the state of Nebraska.

Nebraska state Senator Bill Kintner introduced the legislation.

The liability for each refugee would continue for five years after the refugee is relocated within the state.

The bill is sponsored by Sen. Bill Kitner of Omaha. The Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing at 1:30 p.m. Friday on LB 966.

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom President Doug Kagan said Monday that the bill is a step in the right direction because it will make the resettlement organizations more responsible for financial burdens that others might face.

More here and click here for everything we have said about Nebraska (meatpackers involved again!).
To see who is resettling refugees in Nebraska, scroll down this list (it is out of order and Nebraska follows North Dakota).
Again, I invite anyone working on bills like this to search our “crimes” category and you will find some shocking examples of rapists, murderers, Islamic terrorists and other petty criminals in the US refugee population.  Often overlooked when analyzing the cost of refugee resettlement, are the costs for court interpreters, police, trials and incarceration that state and local taxpayers must bear.

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