Row in Canada over where the 25,000 newly admitted Syrians came from, camps or private living situations

We’ve been reporting on Canada’s extensive ‘airlift’ of 25,000 plus Syrians since the election of Justin Trudeau only 6 months ago. (click here for our Canada category)

Media images of Canadian Immigration minister John McCallum visiting a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon were used to sell the resettlement to Canadian taxpayers. I suspect they know even less about those “refugees” ultimately resettled in Canada because they were quickly plucked from neighborhoods throughout the Middle East.

This is a very interesting article published at The Hill Times that explains the criticism being leveled at the government for promoting Syrian refugee camp images to sell the airlift while most of the 25,000 + who were ultimately resettled were living in apartments throughout the region.
Apparently a decision was made to not show the Syrians living in apartments and participating in the local economy because that image would not persuade Canadians (who shelled out huge sums for the hasty resettlement) that they were in dire need of rescue.
In any case they allowed the UNHCR to choose their refugees and vouch for them on security grounds.
One of the things I would like to know is, what percentage of the new Canadians are Sunni Muslims and what percentage are religious minorities. Not one word in this whole article.
As we reported here in February, the Senate Homeland Security Committee is worried about who might have been hastily admitted to Canada to fulfill Trudeau’s election promise.
Is it time to start worrying about a border fence with Canada?

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