Testimony to the US State Department from Laurel in Illinois

Editor: Here comes another one! I am still sorting my e-mail in search of the testimony you sent to the US State Department in response to the DOS request for public comment on the “size and scope” of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program for FY2017.
The day before the deadline for submission of testimony I noticed (maybe you were all ahead of me and noticed!) that the dates were wrong in the Federal Register.  I happened to see a comment sent by lawyers to the DOS asking that the comment period be re-opened because citizens, who might like to have testified, didn’t think the notice was for a comment period this year, but for last year.   See here.
So far no sign that the State Department is re-opening the comment period.  Have any of you seen a new notice?
From Laurel who is most concerned about the impact on her local school system (including costs!) with the sudden arrival of large numbers of refugee children in need of special help.

Ms. Anne C. Richard U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration

Dear Ms. Richard:

The refugee resettlement program is a secretive, expensive and potentially dangerous program that needs to be immediately halted, and probably scrapped. What once began as a wellintentioned means to help asylees has now evolved into a complex “people importing” business with many players, most of all the VOLAGS, which are essentially government agencies disguised as charities. A good example is Lutheran Immigration and Social Services, which professes to be “faith based” but in reality has no affiliation to any church (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, 2015).

“We [LCMS] are not connected to the refugee work of Lutheran World Relief at this time, and our relationship with, and support for, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services is limited. LIRS is not a Synod organization, not a Recognized Service Organization and is not officially tied to any church body” (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, 2015).

Unfortunately, the people most directly impacted by “importing” refugees – i.e. local schools, state taxpayers, community residents, medical facilities, social service agencies – are not involved when refugees are placed, yet they are stuck with the costs and problems. A good example is Evanston, Illinois where school districts 65 and 202 have seen a sudden surge of refugee students. (Gavin, 2015). Administrators were not informed.

“Dr. Witherspoon added, ‘I don’t have a real handle on why we’re seeing such a big increase in Evanston.’ He added he would be interested to see if this was a one-time increase, or if it is going to continue” (Gavin, 2015).

Student refugees often have learning and language issues and require the hiring of additional staff.

“Many of the children have not had any formal education, so it is unclear what grade they should be placed in. Language is a barrier, as most of the refugee students speak French, Arabic, Turkish or Swahili. They also require vaccinations and medical care…Evanston Township High School has hired staff to address the needs of these children (Gavin, 2015).

Refugees place enormous costs on the host communities. In September 2015, Center for Immigration Studies released a study estimating that each Middle Eastern refugee costs taxpayers almost $65,000 for the first five years (Zeigler & Camarota, 2015). A more recent study published this month finds that “[the] average immigrant household consumes 33 percent more cash welfare, 57 percent more food assistance, and 44 percent more Medicaid dollars than the average native household (Richwine, 2016).

Illinois (my state) ranks as one of the highest tax states in the nation (Kiernan, 2016). In some cases, property taxes equal or exceed the owner’s mortgage payment. Since refugees impose high costs to state and local residents, why are communities not given the option to say “no?” This amounts to taxation without representation.

The refugee resettlement program has become a “cash cow” to be milked by many players. It is now a $1 billion industry that operates without any oversight or regard for the taxpayers who are funding it. The United States cannot afford to import hundreds of thousands of individuals who will be a net drain on our resources.

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This is the nineteenth testimony in our series leading up to the deadline for comments to the Dept. of State on May 19th.  Go here for where they are archived to see what your fellow citizens have said.
I intend to keep posting testimonies, a few a day, until I have exhausted my long list! I had no idea so many of you would respond to my offer!  But, thank you for your hard work!

Disease spread by sand fleas arriving in the West with Syrian refugees

We have been following Breitbart and Michael Patrick Leahy’s investigative series on TB in the refugee flow to America, but what about cutaneous leishmaniasis? Is is here yet?
We reported on this awful disease here nearly three years ago.  One more of those joys of diversity!

sand flea disease
A lesion (cutaneous leishmaniasis) on a US soldier. One more reason to take care of America first. Photo: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/220298-clinical

From Al Arabiya:

A disfiguring tropical disease that had been previously been contained in Syria is now reportedly spreading across the Middle East as millions are displaced, the Daily Mail reported on Saturday.

Cutaneous leishmaniasis, which can lead to severe scarring on the face, is a parasitic disease spread by bites from infected sand flies.

The disease regularly goes undiagnosed and untreated.

The disease had been contained in Syria, particularly to regions under ISIS control such as Raqqa, Deir al-Zour and Hasakah.

The ongoing Syrian civil war has devastated the country’s medical facilities and along with the chronic lack of clean water, the situation has created a breeding ground for sand flies the carry the disease.


“It’s a very bad situation. The disease has spread dramatically in Syria, but also into countries like Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey and even into southern Europe with refugees coming in,” Dr. Waleed Al-Salem, one of researchers on the disease, told the Daily Mail.

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See Death by Demography at American Resistance 2016!

marching-men 2When the new year began, I had such grandiose ideas that I would have time to write about the 2016 Elections at a new blog, American Resistance 2016!, but the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program is expanding exponentially and thus I haven’t found much time for that blog.
However, just now I pulled several pieces of information together about the migration, about the hijra, and how this election, perhaps since the founding, will have the most profound impact on America’s future than any other before it.
Check it out by clicking here.  Learn all you can about Islam and help spread the word about how it will not be compatible with Western Civilization once the Muslim population reaches critical mass (and that is a very tiny number—3-5% and demands for sharia law begin).
Update May 31: be sure to see Leo Hohmann’s story at WND about the huge numbers of green cards we are giving out to Muslims from all over the world, here.

Comment worth noting: reader wants map to show state per capita refugee arrivals

Reader TipTipTopKek asked the following in a comment to the post last night with the map of the US .  He/she wants to know which states receive the most refugees on a per capita basis.

I would love to see these raw numbers reconfigured in two different ways:

First, as a per capita number based on the total population of the State

Second, as a per capita number based on the NON-HISPANIC WHITE population of the State

My suspicion is that, generally speaking and with Wyoming as an obvious exception, the highest RAPEfugee flows have been into the WHITEST States.

Maybe some one of you is good with numbers, I’m not, however we have previously posted the map below which shows the distribution of refugees to states on a per capita basis, but we don’t know which states are the whitest. I’m guessing the Dakotas, Nebraska, Idaho and Vermont are examples of states with large white populations and they definitely are getting more than their share of refugees.  There is no doubt there is a method to the madness—the UN/US State Dept. is seeding diversity.

What is this you ask? It is a map distorted to show which states are disproportionately receiving refugees based on their overall populations for years 2009-2012.  The number in each state is the number of refugees resettled per existing residents of the state. http://www.humanosphere.org/basics/2014/02/map-day-refugees-accepted-us-states-population-adjusted/

Editor: All of our ‘comments worth noting’ are archived here.