Vermont: Rutland citizens say, let's take care of our own first!

Update May 16th: For those concerned citizens of Vermont, please go to this post today about Reno.  The same federal contractor is involved in both cities. There will be a document just like the one I have posted on Reno for your city too! Ask your mayor if he has seen it!
That is the common refrain I hear from just about everywhere in America where refugees are being seeded into unsuspecting communities.  What about our own people, our own poor and disabled, they ask.

Vermont refugee office
The Vermont refugee program is run by the federal government through its contractor the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. As a Wilson-Fish state, elected state officials have no say over the program. USCRI and the feds call all the shots. USCRI is headed by Lavinia Limon who was Bill Clinton’s director of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement. To learn more about Limon, go here:

For new readers we have been reporting on the controversy on-going in Rutland ever since the mayor told a surprised public that he had agreed that Rutland could take 100 Syrian (mostly Muslim) refugees.  See here and here.
Here, at, we learned that a group of citizens protested the mayor last night.
My suggestion to those of you with concerns in Rutland is to contact the mayor of Manchester, NH, Ted Gatsos, and ask that he come and speak to your group or maybe send a delegation to New Hampshire and ask him how it’s going there.  I am sure the Manchester mayor would advise Rutland to not open Pandora’s box because once the refugees begin coming there will be NO END TO IT.  There will be many more than 100 in the end!

Thursday night, the Rutland community got the opportunity to learn more behind the plan to bring 100 Syrian refugees to the city this fall.

It’s a meeting Mayor Chris Louras held amidst controversy for not initially including the public in the decision.

“We do not have a TD Garden anywhere in the County of Rutland, and if I were to engage in a public and answer dialogue and a broad forum with everyone in the county invited, I would have to plan for a 65,000 capacity.” Louras said.

Before the meeting, about 20 people gathered outside Rutland Free Library with signs, showing their concern for a plan they say was a surprise. Matt Howland and David O’Brien expressed their opinions.

“The city is not just gonna roll over and take this without asking the hard questions, without holding people accountable and making them put forth the answers and making a plan and let the community know what’s going on,” Howland said.

Be sure to visit the site to watch the video!
By the way, the Boston Globe tells us there are no mosques in Rutland (yet!).

One more Somali terror trial underway in Somali capital—Minneapolis

Ho hum!  Move along, nothing to see, just some rootless naive young men who want to create a caliphate.  But, these are young men you raised with your tax dollars and who were given a good education and every opportunity to make something of themselves. Instead they chose the call of Allah to wage jihad and go kill some infidels.

somali defendent
The latest batch of Somali refugee defendants. Trial is expected to last a month. Lucky taxpayers! We paid for their resettlement and we get to pay for their trial and incarceration! Wow! What a deal!

By the way, this is getting so wearisome, but feel it’s my duty to keep our archives up to date and that is why I’m posting it!
From NBC News:

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday opened their case against three Minneapolis men accused of plotting to help ISIS, a trial that could offer a rare look at how impressionable young Americans succumb to the the terror group’s appeal.

The defendants, from the city’s large Somali community, are among dozens of native-born Americans who have been charged with supporting ISIS, a fraction of whom have taken their cases to trial. Six other connected to the Minneapolis case have already pleaded guilty, and one reportedly fled the United States and made it to Syria, where many Western recruits aspire to join the fight against Bashar Assad’s regime.

The men on trial — Mohammed Farah, Abdirahman Daud and Guled Omar, all in their early 20s — say they are innocent of charges they conspired to provide material support to ISIS and commit murder abroad. During jury selection this week, some family members complained the defendants were not getting a fair trial, according to NBC affiliate KARE. One tried to have his lawyer removed, but the judge would not let that happen.

Opening statements began Wednesday, with the government going first. The trial, expected to last about a month, is expected to reveal some of the motivations and recruitment techniques behind one of the most troubling aspects of ISIS’ rise as a global terror threat: the growing list of Americans who seek to join or act on its behalf.

A 2015 study of those arrested for supporting ISIS found that they tend to be young, American-born and drawn more to the idea of an Islamic caliphate than a desire to commit terrorist acts in the United States. [At least that is what they want you to think!—ed]


Minnesota’s Somali communities are one of the centers of such activity, authorities say.

More here.
If your community is about to become a new “welcoming” resettlement sight, look what you have to look forward to!
We are admitting over 700 Somalis a month to the US right now and that number is expected to rise if Kenya goes through with closing the massive Somali camps in that country.

Testimony to the US State Department from Bob in Minnesota

Editor: This is another copy of testimony submitted in response to my offer to post testimony that readers have sent, or are sending, to the US State Department before May 19th.  Your testimony can be long or short, more detailed or less so.  Just send something!  And, then be sure to copy it to your elected officials.

Downtown Willmar, MN They are changing small town America by changing the people.

From Bob:

I have researched this program extensively for two years, as it is the number one area of concern here in Willmar, MN. The program places a tremendous, unsustainable financial drain on our school system, health care resources, housing, and community standards. The federal government’s financial exposure to this quagmire is minor, compared to ours.

Unemployment hovers close to 40%, families are too large, wages are too low, so virtually all refugees are on some form of public assistance. This will not strengthen Midwestern prairie towns. It will transform them for sure, but in the end, they will become remote, poor, unassimilated ghettos.

Your agency clearly underestimates the damage it is wreaking on our way of life. We cannot be the world’s welfare office.

This is the third testimony in our series  leading up to the deadline for testimony on May 19th.  Go here for where they are archived. We are posting as many as we can because we know the US State Department has refused in the past to make them public (so much for Obama transparency!).

Federal contractor IRC and Maryland Dems pressuring governor to "welcome" Syrians to the state

Update:  Thanks to Richard at Blue Ridge Forum you can now see who the Maryland reps are who support the placement of Syrian Muslim refugees in Maryland.  See here.  So what are the Republicans going to do to come to the governor’s defense?
Even though Governor Larry Hogan can’t (as things stand now) stop the resettlement of refugees to Maryland, a group of Maryland Democrats are pressuring him to publicly welcome them.

The letter was initiated by Jamie Raskin (D) running for Congress using this as one more campaign stunt. But, voters make note that Raskin is advocating for more Muslims to be placed in Maryland.

And this is really stinky timing for the refugee pushers because the lead agency behind the pro-Syrian Muslim refugee lobbying campaign is none other than the International Rescue Committee that made big news yesterday because it is under investigation for fraud in Turkey where it is supposedly helping Syrian refugees.
If you are a new reader there is something you need to know when reading this story.
Governors do not have the power (yet) to stop the placement of third worlders into their states.
However, they do have the power to withdraw the state from the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program as the governors of Kansas and New Jersey did in April. Although it causes bureaucratic confusion and brings media attention (both good things!), the gesture is meaningless unless the governor then files a States’ rights lawsuit that is waiting and ready to go at the Thomas More Law Center.
Frankly I don’t see Maryland’s Republican governor with that much gumption to protect the taxpayers of the state. I hope he proves me wrong!

As I mentioned above, be sure you read yesterday’s post on the corruption investigation of the IRC which is one of the primary refugee resettlement contractors operating in Maryland.

So below is a bit of the news yesterday at the Washington Post (emphasis is mine):

Several dozen Maryland state lawmakers, including Democratic House nominee Jamie B. Raskin, have written Gov. Larry Hogan (R), urging him to endorse the settlement of Syrian refugees in the state.

Hogan joined other governors last year in saying he would oppose the entry of refugees unless the federal government could provide specific assurances that they are properly vetted and do not pose a security threat.

State Department officials have said repeatedly that all refugees — including Syrians — undergo rigorous screening before being granted refu­gee status.

IRC Maryland
Ruben Chandrasekar runs the Maryland office of the IRC and just yesterday it was revealed that his organization was being investigated for corruption involving Syrian refugees in Turkey.

But Hogan spokesman Matt Clark said Wednesday that the governor’s position has not changed. “To my knowledge, the federal government has not provided any additional information on changes . . . in the process,” Clark said.


The letter was initiated by Raskin, a state senator from Montgomery County and the Democratic nominee to succeed outgoing U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D), and Dels. Brooke E. Lierman (D-Baltimore) and David Moon (D-Montgomery).


Ruben Chandrasekar, an official of the International Rescue Committee in Baltimore, said the agency has resettled 60 Syrian refugees in Maryland in the past two years and is prepared to place as many as 100 in the coming year. [99% of the Syrian refugees entering the US now are Muslims—ed]

“If President Obama follows through on his promise to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees, we hope to have a very busy summer,” said Chandrasekar, whose organization worked closely with the advocacy groups that spearheaded the letter from lawmakers to Hogan.

Yeh, I will bet the IRC worked closely.  They are paid by the head to resettle refugees into your towns and cities and it is in their financial best interests to keep the spigot open.
Most refugees in Maryland go to Baltimore or Silver Spring, but hundreds of others are scattered around the state. Most recently a resettlement contractor was making inquiries in Hagerstown again.
If any reader finds a copy of Raskin’s letter, send it my way! We do need to publish the names of all who signed it.
And, don’t hold your breath that the Washington Post, which is happy to pimp for Raskin, will report on the corruption scandal surrounding the IRC!  The alternative media is on the story however, here Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily digs deeper.