They must be getting ready to seed Syrian refugees into Billings, MT

marching menOr, why bother to hold a public meeting there to discuss Syrian refugee resettlement?
I don’t know how much subscriber overlap there is with my other blog American Resistance 2016! so I am cross-posting the news account I just posted there.  It is not so much about refugee plans for Billings as it is a discussion about how government and other entities will use something called the ‘Delphi Technique’ to quell public controversy and make it look like citizens are not at odds over whatever plan the government has in the works for the unsuspecting community.
Please go here and read about the Delphi Technique!  I will bet many of you have seen this done where you live with all sorts of controversial political issues!

Human Rights First wants to prove to the world that we aren't bigots (then they will love us!)

Remember that Pew poll I told you about here yesterday.  It seems that the numbers have those, like Human Rights First, that welcome Muslim refugees to America, worried.
They noticed too that the fearful-Democrat numbers are pretty high too!

Human Rights First hated the Bushies but when they can use one for their purposes, why not! Because of his complete misunderstanding about why ISIS exists, Michael Chertoff is one of the reasons we are in the mess we are in!

They want all of you Trump supporters to know that ISIS and other Muslim extremists are watching to see how bigoted and hypocritical we are.  The theory goes that ISIS will lose power if other Muslims love us and they will only love us if we take in hundreds of thousands of them as welfare-dependent refugees.
From Human Rights First:
Editor: These numbers indicate to me that Trump has a lot of room for expansion of his voter base (are we one terrorist attack away from President Donald J. Trump?)

The Guardian reported on a recent Pew poll that found 85 percent of Donald Trump supporters believe that refugees from Iraq and Syria are a major threat to the United States. As for the other presidential candidates, 74 percent of Ted Cruz supporters felt the same, followed by 59 percent for Kasich, 40 percent for Clinton, and 34 percent for Sanders.

If we prove we aren’t bigots (goes the theory), the bad Muslims will leave us alone! And, the good ones will love us! (and that is all that matters):

As Michael Chertoff, former DHS Secretary under President George W. Bush, told the Wall Street Journal: “[Resettling refugees] allows us to truthfully say that we’re not hypocrites or bigoted against Muslims or people from other cultures. That has a positive impact in terms of the disposition people around the world have toward the U.S. You don’t want to play into the narrative of the bad guy. That’s giving propaganda to the enemy.”

Click here for more illogical thinking from HRF about how bringing questionably-screened refugees from Iraq and Syria to America, scattering them to hundreds of towns, and adding them to our welfare rolls will keep us all safer.  What it will do is advance the Hijra and the eventual Islamification of America because it isn’t just terrorist attacks we should fear. (Just look at Londonistan!)

Rutland, VT refugee controversy confirms what we have been saying for years!

Federal refugee contractors, like the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program operate in secrecy making every effort to get resettlement programs up and running in unsuspecting communities before the general public gets wind of it!
See our earlier post on Rutland, here.  There is also another story on the uproar, here, which I never got time to post.

Amila Merdzanovic
Former refugee Amila Merdzanovic came to Vermont as a refugee in 1995 and now runs the resettlement program there for USCRI (one of the nine big refugee contractors). She says, no public meeting because all the “anti-immigrants” will come out of the woodwork. Photo and information on a propaganda event coming up June 1:

Now this!  Good for . They actually filed a public information request and got this incredible admission! (emphasis is mine)

New information on how the City of Rutland came to be the future home of 100 Syrian refugees. Mayor Chris Louras made the announcement a few weeks ago, and many were shocked at the speed of the process.

While the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program (VRRP) held meetings as far back as January 14th, the general public was never informed. The initial meeting included members of the VRRP, Mayor Louras, President of the Rutland City Alderman William Notte, State Refugee Coordinators, and a member of the Rutland Area Farm and Food Link group.

Through a public records request filed with the City of Rutland, we learned a public meeting was considered, but didn’t happen.

“This is just the beginning, it’s a historic moment for us as the Refugee Program and I think it’s a historic moment in Vermont,” stated Amila Merdzanovic, Director of the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program. She hopes Rutland is the first of many communities to consider welcoming refugees.

While the City’s Mayor and many others are excited about the process, other elected officials and members of the public say they felt blindsided. “My initial reaction was I wanted more information,” said City Alderman Ed Larson in an April 28th interview. He didn’t learn of the plan until a day before the Mayor’s announcement.

Of course they want no public meeting!

They know they must get the program in place before anyone knows what is happening! Readers, look for this happening where you live.  They are desperate for more cities and towns.  Obama has made promises and there aren’t enough locations to accommodate all of the refugees he wants.

According to records we obtained from the City of Rutland, a public discussion was considered, but never took place. In an April 14th email to Mayor Louras, Merdzanovic wrote “if we open it up to anybody and everybody, all sorts of people will come out of the woodwork, anti-immigrant… anti-anything.”


The email went on to suggest that if a meeting were to be held, it should be controlled, and include groups like the United Way and Area Churches. But both United way and Rutland area church leaders told us they welcome the refugees, but were not contacted to be part of a discussion during the planning process.

Too bad local citizens! the UN/US State Department is going to seed your towns whether you like it or not!

Merdzanovic points out that resettlement has been happening in Chittenden County for 30 years, and people are used to it. She understand it will take time in Rutland, and adds no matter what, things are moving forward, “Our government invites refugees to come into the United States and to come to Vermont. we don’t control it, we don’t vote on it luckily.”

Continue reading here and be sure to watch the news clip—watch and listen to Merdzanovic.  
BTW, Merdzanovic’s boss is Lavinia Limon who ran the Office of Refugee Resettlement for Bill Clinton.
Vermont is a Wilson-Fish state which means the contractor and the federal government run the program there with no input from elected state representatives.  There is zero chance that the present governor would ever stand up for States’ Rights.
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