Would you like me to post your testimony to the US State Department?

RRW logoTwo days ago, I reminded you that you have until May 19th to send testimony to the US State Department about the “size and scope” of the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program for fiscal year 2017.
In some other previous years 2012, 2013 and 2014 (scroll back through the category!), we did publish some testimony.  We know that the State Department deep-sixes your testimony, but this is one way to bring your concerns to the light of day!
You can send your testimony to my e-mail address: refugeewatcher@gmail.com (be sure to put the word ‘testimony’ in the subject line so I can readily see it!).
It can be in an attachment or in the text of the e-mail.  You can be anonymous, but I would like to know from which state you are writing.  And, I won’t publish anything that uses inappropriate language or threats.
Speaking of that—language and threats—I’ve gotten some comments to posts lately which I haven’t posted because they are vile, or downright nutty.
You can make your points about the problems with this program without resorting to foul language.
And, if your testimony is way, way too long, I might have to shorten what I post a little bit.
Again, go here for instructions.
By the way, I will be calling for a Moratorium again.  And, if you are wondering why I didn’t bother with any of this in 2015, it was because I was so disgusted with the attempts by the State Department to silence the public (by not holding a hearing as they had in the past) and by keeping whatever testimony they received secret!
You have a right to know what the federal contractors are telling the federal government!  It is your money!
Update! Yikes! In two hours I’ve gotten 6 testimonies! I will do my best to get them posted, but will now be out for awhile! I’ll post in the order I get them.

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