If Miliband is so interested in British politics he should just go home!

Sheesh!  The US taxpayer gives $378 million a year to the NON-profit International Rescue Committee to, among other things, resettle refugees into many US cities—most recently they have plans for Missoula, MT—and here its CEO David Miliband (a British citizen being compensated to the tune of $600,000 a year) (see recent Form 990 here) is in the middle of huge controversy in the UK called Brexit.

Miliband and Cameron
Miliband and Cameron joined forces yesterday to oppose efforts to remove the UK from the EU.

Be sure to see how in 2013 Miliband was welcomed to NYC by Bill Clinton, George Soros, Madeleine Albright and Samantha Power.
Miliband was also the first resettlement contractor to call for 65,000 Syrian (mostly Muslim) refugees to be admitted to the US this year and subsequently upped the number to 100,000.
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From the Mirror:

David Miliband lent David Cameron a hand in making the case for Britain’s ongoing EU membership today .

The Labour former Foreign Secretary introduced the Tory Prime Minister’s speech at the British Museum. [Who paid his travel expenses to the UK—the US taxpayer?—ed]

Ex-Labour leadership hopeful Mr Miliband, who lost the party crown to younger brother Ed [aka Red Ed—ed] in 2010, said: “It’s a mark of the stakes on June 23 that David Cameron and I have come together today.

“I’m sure it would be easy to poke fun at our unusual and temporary political alliance, but actually it is a sobering reflection of what is at issue.

“There is a centre-left case for Britain’s membership of the European Union and there is a centre-right case for Britain’s membership of the European Union.”

Continue reading here. According to the article, Cameron believes there will be “peace” in Europe if they stay in.
Frankly, after Londoners elected a Muslim mayor and in Europe there are riots about the invading Muslim migrants, doesn’t look like peace is in the offing for anyone, anywhere on the continent.
By the way, there was an article yesterday which suggested Miliband might be eyeing the seat in Parliament vacated by the newly elected mayor of London.  Maybe he is indeed angling to go home.  Don’t let the door hit you……

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