Tough mayor of Manchester, NH running for governor

Update: I’m reading one story after another tonight about the controversy in Rutland, VT about resettling Syrians there.  Why don’t Rutland’s elected officials pick up the phone and call the Mayor of Manchester and ask him what his experience has been with refugee overload and the fact that once in the program there is no getting out.  Heck, the two cities are about 120 miles apart, not the other side of the country from each other!
We have a zillion posts here at RRW about refugee overloaded Manchester, NH over the years.  Many of the posts chronicle the efforts of its longtime mayor Ted Gatsas who tried to slow the flow to the city when the immigrant pressure on ‘services’ was getting too great. (No slowdown any time soon as we learned here the other day.)
It was a battle, but the lobbyists for the refugee industry went to work not wanting to set any precedent that would allow a mayor to call the shots on how many are resettled by the FEDERAL government in one of their targeted cities.

Now we see the mayor is running for governor and he isn’t silent about the refugee problems the country is facing.


MANCHESTER, N.H. —Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas said Tuesday that if he is elected New Hampshire’s next governor, he will use every means possible to halt Syrian refugees from resettling in New Hampshire until he is satisfied that the security of the state is guaranteed.

Gatsas, who has long fought for what he calls “transparency and accountability” in the refugee resettlement process, said he was concerned that Gov. Maggie Hassan, when questioned by reporters on Monday, did not say specifically whether she still believes there should be a pause in refugees from Syria entering the state.

Last November, following the terrorist attacks in Paris, Hassan became the only Democratic governor in the nation to call for a temporary ban on refugees until the federal vetting process “is as strong as possible to ensure the safety of the American people.”

She said on Monday that communication has improved between federal agencies and the states on refugees, and she said she will continue to issue calls to “make sure that we continue to get as much information as possible from the feds about people coming into our state.”

But, asked several times by reporters, Hassan did not say if her position has changed since November or is the same.


Gatsas said, “As governor, I will formally ask the State Department to suspend Syrian refugee resettlement in New Hampshire and explore every option available to stop it until all security concerns are addressed.”

Mayor Gatsas tried to get a moratorium on the resettlement of large numbers of new refugees.

By the way, one of the tricks you need to understand about the promoters of colonizing cities with immigrants is that once they get the family seed units started, they then clamor for the immigrants’ family members to be permitted to follow them to that location. If you raise an objection (due to the economy, or crime, or cultural upheaval going on) you are painted as a heartless xenophobe for not wanting families to be reunited.  Don’t back down!
Here is what Gatsas tried to do:

While the federal government has authority over resettlements regardless of the objections of states, governors can try to block funding for nongovernmental agencies involved in the resettlement process in an attempt to make the process difficult.

That is what Gatsas tried to do as Manchester’s mayor in 2011.

He said Tuesday that as mayor, he “repeatedly asked for more transparency when it comes to the refugee resettlement process and asked for a temporary moratorium so Manchester could sufficiently meet the needs of our current refugee population.”

In 2011, Gatsas asked the state’s Executive Council to vote against contracts to provide funding to nonprofit groups who work with refugees in the state. That request came after the federal government refused his request for a two-year moratorium on new refugee settlements in Manchester.

Don’t expect anyone in the Bush family orbit—like Sununu—to question any federal immigration program!

But the council refused Gatsas’ request and unanimously voted to approve the contracts. Gatsas noted on Tuesday that one of his current competitors for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, Chris Sununu, was among those who voted in favor of the contracts.

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2016 is it readers!

If there is going to be any reform of (or a complete halt to) the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program the groundwork must be laid now!  The November election will determine the future of America!
If you live in NH, and are concerned about how mass migration is changing your towns and cities, you should be doing all you can to back Ted Gatsas. And, you should be out at every campaign event you can find and hammer all of the candidates on this issue.  The time has never been better.  They are getting nervous like I have never seen in my nearly 9 years of following this program!

Minnesota: Somali youths found guilty in plotting to join ISIS; Jamal says "all-white jury" handed down verdict

There is so much new news that needs to be reported and discussed that writing once again about Somali (Minnesota-raised) youths, who have been found guilty of supporting ISIS after about 40 other Minnesota-raised Somali former refugees have gone to join the jihadists, is annoying.

Omar Jamal MPR
Omar Jamal (Somali community organizer) suggests all-white jury might not have been impartial. Photo:

As a matter of fact, there are three issues that I’ve been writing about for about EIGHT years that annoy me to have to continue to write about! One of the three is what I reported last night—we are taking illegal aliens from Malta and spending at least $20,000 a pop for starters to resettle them in your towns.
Another EIGHT-year-old story is about how we eight years ago did NOT take Rohingya Muslims from Burma to the US (because of their links to radical groups in Bangladesh, Burma and Thailand), but now we take in thousands!  (See our huge archive on the Rohingya by clicking here, do you want to write a book?).
And, the third storyline I am sick to death of is this one—poor Somali kids with no future in Minneapolis who are mysteriously radicalized and give a middle finger to you (the taxpayer) and head out to join the Islamic killers elsewhere in the world (I don’t know why we even try to stop them).
This latest bunch will now cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep them behind bars—JUST LET THEM GO TO ISIS!

Here comes Jamal!

Then to top off my annoyance this morning—that I’m writing probably the hundredth post on these “kids”—I’m seeing that Omar Jamal has still not gone away!

You can read the whole conviction story yourself here at Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

But, who should appear speaking for the Somali “community”—none other than the Somali Jesse Jackson himself, Omar Jamal!

Twin Cities Pioneer Press:

Outside the courtroom, Omar Jamal, a Somali community activist, worried that the Somali community would find little solace or justice in guilty verdicts handed down by an all-white jury that was shown violent Islamic State propaganda videos.

“This decision will reinforce the perception in the community that the system is rigged,” Jamal said.

Damn we have been writing about the man convicted of immigration fraud for EIGHT years.
Although we had noticed him before, he made a big splash on the scene in Denver when just a short time before the 2008 Democrat convention a Somali man from Canada was found dead in a Denver hotel (near the convention site) with enough cyanide to kill hundreds. Jamal shows up and persuades authorities (or at least tells the media) to move along, nothing to see, just a crazy guy from Canada.
If you have the time and patience, follow Jamal’s ‘career’ here at RRW.   See his arrest in Minnesota in 2003 on immigration violations (he was an illegal alien!).   See here in 2009 where Minnesota Public Radio outed him (to some degree).  So why was he never deported? Does he work for the feds?
But, it seems that lazy reporters continue to call upon him for his comments every time a Somali does something bad almost anywhere in America!
Then get this, the Minneapolis Star Tribune published his mealy-mouthed op-ed yesterday in which he says that US policies in the war on terror will drive more of the little confused darlings*** to join the jihad. He said:

In fact, I am afraid that if aggressive, heavy-handed policies continue unchecked in the war on terror, this recent trial will be a Trojan horse to further recruit more kids to ISIL.

Why does anyone give this man any ink when he should be in jail or deported himself!
Where are you Jared?  How about a story on Jamal? He is right there in your hometown!
***These are the “kids” you “welcomed” to America, paid for their housing and food, their educations.  You kept them healthy enough to grow up even (to become Islamic soldiers), and what do you get?  They hate you and they hate America. I suggest we make it easy (and cheaper for us), ask them if they want to go to the Middle East or back to Somalia and pay their airfare (and take away their passports when they board that plane!).  What is that expression our Mom’s used: “Good riddance to bad rubbish!”