Judicial Watch Corruption Chronicles: Millions in business loans to refugees not tracked by HHS

Judicial Watch logoI’m dashing out the door and cannot do this incredible work by Judicial Watch justice, but wanted to get it up now hot off the presses!
For years I’ve wondered how you get at this information on special loans for special people and now I know—someone does a Freedom of Information Act request (a specialty of JW as Hillary knows so well!).
Here is how the story begins:

The U.S. government gives refugees on public assistance special “loans” of up to $15,000 to start a business but fails to keep track of defaults that could translate into huge losses for American taxpayers, records obtained by Judicial Watch reveal. The cash is distributed through a program called Microenterprise Development run by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Since 2010 the program has granted thousands of loans to refugees that lack the financial resources, credit history or personal assets to qualify for business loans from commercial banks. Most if not all the recipients already get assistance or subsidies from the government, according to the qualification guidelines set by the Microenterprise Development Program. It’s a risky operation that blindly gives public funds to poor foreign nationals with no roots in the U.S. and there’s no follow up to assure the cash is paid back. The idea behind it is to “equip refugees with the skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs” by helping them expand or maintain their own business and become financially independent.

You gotta read this, continue here.
If you are looking for an organization to donate to—Judicial Watch is it!
Afterthought:  Repeatedly you see news stories that refugees are opening new businesses at record rates and thus boosting the local economy.  (Opening businesses with your financial help.)  This information makes me wonder how many of those new businesses survive for even a year or two?

World Refugee Day propaganda events underway this month

Since the year 2000 the United Nations has celebrated World Refugee Day on June 20th and now it’s pretty much the whole month of June!
#world refugee day
All across America the media will be reporting warm and fuzzy stories about events featuring foods, and costumes and dancing etc. to highlight the joys of ethnic diversity that have been brought to communities large and small (if they wanted it or not!) for the last 35 years through the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program.
I was reminded of the annual propaganda event when I saw this press release from the International Rescue Committee (one of the nine major federal refugee contractors) from ten days ago.  Be sure to have a look at it and see if there is an event near you!
Are you having problems with refugee resettlement where you live?
This is an excellent opportunity for you to do a media campaign as well so that the voting public gets the full story about what placing tens of thousands of impoverished third worlders in over 200 towns and cities in America means for them!
Be sure to tweet whatever you write (letters to the editor, blog posts) or stories you find that make your point to #WorldRefugeeDay!

Governors impotent(?) as UN/US State Department speeds up the Syrian surge (Georgia this time)

Syrian Muslims aren’t just going to Atlanta, but to Savannah and Stone Mountain as well.
Here is the news from Savannah.  If you have ample taxpayer-funded housing, you will get Syrians (and Somalis and Iraqis etc).

Humanitarian workers [paid federal contractors!—ed] have resettled the first Syrian refugees in Savannah amid the deadly fighting in their native country as the Obama administration scrambles to bring at least 10,000 Syrian civil war sufferers to the U.S. by the end of September.

Emily Laney
Emily Laney (Lutheran federal contractor) says Georgia will get many Syrians this summer.

The five-member family’s arrival in Savannah follows resistance from more than half of the nation’s governors — including Gov. Nathan Deal — in the wake of the Nov. 13 terrorist massacre in Paris. Deal initially sought to block the resettlement of Syrians in Georgia, citing security concerns. He retreated in January after he received a legal opinion that said he had no legal power to stop them from coming.

Since the Syrian civil war began in 2011, 193 Syrians have been relocated to Georgia. All of them were resettled in the Atlanta area until last month, when Lutheran Services of Georgia relocated a young family to Savannah. They’d fled to Turkey in 2013, lived in a refugee camp, and underwent a security screening process before coming to the United States.

“Savannah has affordable housing, ample job opportunities at competitive pay and a welcoming community,” said Emily Laney, director of refugee and immigration services for Atlanta-based Lutheran Services of Georgia. “We expect to continue to resettle Syrian families in Atlanta and Savannah, along with the many other refugee groups we serve.”

kevin appleby new gig
Appleby was previously the chief Washington lobbyist for the USCCB and has obviously moved on to a new gig.

Readers this is about Obama’s legacy and whether he will be able to save face at the United Nations in September!

The Obama administration has a lot riding on reaching its goal this year, said Kevin Appleby, senior director of international migration policy for the New York City-based Center for Migration Studies. Failing, he said, would undermine the nation’s “credibility with allies and others who need to share the burden of resettling the Syrians. It is difficult for us to instruct the Europeans — or even nations in the region — to accept large numbers of refugees when we can’t even meet our own modest goals.”

They will be going to Stone Mountain too.

Here is an article which appears to be nearly the same as the one for Savannah, but it says Stone Mountain High School will be used as a processing center (I’ve never heard of that) and it quotes some angry Republican activists including this one:

Harold Warner, a DeKlab County Republican, said he expected the level of anger to rise as the November election draws near. “This will be the end of Stone Mountain as we know it,” he said.

See our large archive on Georgia by clicking here.  It has one of the original pockets of resistance feared by the feds. Georgians see ‘Refugee Resettlement Relief’ here.

Again! Every one of you with concerns must use the November election to make this issue a top priority for America’s future! This is it! If Obama gets hundreds of thousands more immigrants of all stripes in here in the next few months, and Hillary is elected, we are finished!

Hound every candidate at every level running for office this fall and ask them where they stand on Open Borders for America!
All other issues of concern can be fixed (Obamacare/common core etc), but not the demographic makeup of the country once the numbers become too great!

'Pockets of Resistance' coined by feds to brand us!

You’ve been seeing the phrase in news reports….
So where did it come from?
‘Pockets of resistance’ is what the federal bureaucracy initially called us!  We liked the description so much that we have made it our own!
I just did a quickie look around for the idiom ‘pockets of resistance’ and see that it usually is a reference to a small group of people resisting domination. Hmmm!  When I first heard it to describe us—anyone questioning the UN/US government’s colonization of our communities with third world refugees—I thought of the famous, tough and brave French resistance to Hitler’s domination of France.

French resistance
Pockets of resistance in WWII France fought bravely against Hitler’s domination of the country

I first heard the phrase uttered (in derogatory tones) by an employee of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement three years ago (June 2013) in Lancaster, PA, and was amazed that federal bureaucrats and their refugee contractors had actually taken time to ‘brand’ us.
They mentioned three states where ‘pockets of resistance’ had formed—Georgia, New Hampshire (because of Gatsas) and Tennessee.
Now there are many many more in a national network of ‘pockets of resistance!’
Up until a reader from Tennessee directed me to a 2012 news story posted at the UNITED NATIONS, I assumed the phrase originated in the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (in HHS), but check this out: The UNHCR, when reporting on a US State Department trip to mollify Tennesseans, references the phrase!

The U.S. State Department’s head of refugees met with local officials Thursday. His visit is partially in response to pockets of resistance to resettlement in Tennessee.

So, it appears that the inner circles at both the US State Department and at the Dept. of Health and Human Services were both using ‘pockets of resistance’ when discussing American citizens’ concerns about the program.  Amazing!
See our category, pockets of resistance, here.
Addendum!  If you would like to find a ‘pocket of resistance’ where you live, contact James Simpson at this e-mail address:  (And, don’t take offense if you are ‘vetted!’  We need to be sure we know who we are talking to because we are up against some powerful and ruthless people).  resettlementresister@gmail.com