RRW Monthly roundup for the month of May 2016

Only one more month and we celebrate our 9th birthday here at Refugee Resettlement Watch. (I say ‘we’ because RRW was started with the help of my longtime good friend Judy.) Time flies when you are having fun they say!
Thanks all of you for staying with RRW (some of you for years)!
Posting is going to be a little light in the coming days because it’s hay-making time on the farm and my family has an important gathering coming up.

my book cover

I have been planning to write a post about the comments (the reviews) at Amazon about my little book, but never got to it. You might want to check them out if you have a few minutes (there are 94 reviews). The ones I liked best are the critical ones especially:

This is what fear-mongering looks like. And she gets paid for it (Christine Heller)

Deliberately arousing public fear without meaningful contribution (Chris P.)

Ann Cprcoran makes me throw up (B.Davin)

As for the first comment, Christine, I don’t get paid for what I do.  A small stipend to write the booklet, but you can get it free at the Center for Security Policy website!  I have also received an occasional small honorarium to speak (from private organizations and not from the US taxpayer!).
The work I do has been my charitable contribution to America all these years, however, that may change as readers have urged me to add a donation button to RRW. I’m still thinking about it.

Now, to the Top Three most visited posts in the month of May:

Canada: Muslim Imam admits refugee resettlement is caliphate-building!

Amarillo, TX being destroyed by refugee overload

Nevada: Ready or not refugees on the way to Reno

And here are the Top Ten Countries from which visitors arrived at RRW (in descending order and not including the USA):






South Africa






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May: 1,035 Syrian Muslims admitted to US, only 2 Christians

I was about to have a look at the Syrian refugee admission numbers for May, but reporter Patrick Goodenough of CNSNews.com is on top of it this morning.

Christian Syrians with no place to go. https://stream.org/why-so-few-syrian-christian-refugees/

He opens his report:

(CNSNews.com) – The number of Syrian refugees admitted into the United States jumped to 1,037 during May – an increase of 130 percent over the previous month – but the proportion of Christians among them remains miniscule: two Christians (0.19 percent) compared to 1,035 Muslims.

May’s figure of 1,037 Syrian refugees brings the total number since the beginning of 2016 to 2,099 – compared to 2,192 for the whole of 2015, according to State Department Refugee Processing Center data.

Continue here.
We are still way behind in reaching Obama’s 10,000 Syrians (for this fiscal year) goal by September 30th, but the contractors are working hard to find new ‘welcoming’ towns and cities in which to place the predominantly Muslim Syrians as we have reported here in recent weeks—Missoula, MT, Rutland, VT, Ithaca, NY, Charleston, WV, and Reno, NV (that we have mentioned so far).

US to deport illegal alien Somalis

I don’t know how good this source is—Mogadishu Center for Research and Studies—but they are reporting this morning that our government is preparing to deport Somalis presently in US detention back to Somalia.
Here is what they are saying confirming something that we knew, but is rarely mentioned, and that is that hundreds of Somalis come across US borders every year.

Somali ambassador to US
The source for the story is Somalia’s ambassador to the US, Ahmed Isse Awad (right!). Photo: https://twitter.com/harunmaruf/status/644684326114852864

Mogadishu (MCRS) 01 June 2016 – The United States government is planning to send back several Somali immigrants, who entered the country illegally, back to their home country, a Somali official said Monday.

The move is seen as an attempt to deter the influx of illegal immigrants arriving in the United States, which rarely expels illegal immigrants from war-torn countries back to their countries.

Ahmed Isse Awad, Somalia’s Ambassador to Washington told Media that the new deportation operation by the immigration enforcement agency would affect Somali immigrants, mostly young men in US jails:“I don’t know their official number, but I have asked the US government to give me the chance to meet them.”

The development comes amid concerns by European countries that are struggling to cope with immigrants fleeing conflict and poverty in Middle East and Africa.

EU countries have received the highest numbers of illegal migrants in recent years. According to immigration authorities, hundreds of illegal Somali immigrants are smuggled across the US-Mexico border every year, with many of them getting arrested at border checkpoints.

If I can read between the lines, it seems that the Somali government may not want them back.
By the way, if Somalis are re-building Somalia (heck they even have an ambassador in Washington) why are we still taking into the US 700-800 Somalis a month?  Maybe they should be helping to re-build Somalia!
And, by the way, since we have this huge legal pathway open for Somalis to come here anyway, you know that the ones sneaking across our border have got to be some bad apples….with a lot of money to hire smugglers!