Fargo, ND mayor touted in story about Center for American Progress report on refugees

First, if you don’t know, the Center for American Progress is John Podesta’s creation. Podesta has been a long time friend of George Soros and a svengali of sorts for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Clearly the Center for American Progress is now deeply involved in the refugee controversy (and in helping businesses find immigrant labor to compete with Americans!) and has produced a report (propaganda!) about how refugees help economies boom!
(I’m guessing they didn’t include San Diego in their study!)

Somalis working in Lewiston
Check out the cover of CAP’s report: Somalis working at LL Bean in Maine. Why doesn’t the Left ever admit that refugee resettlement is about $$$ for business interests, and voters for the Dems with humanitarianism as a smoke screen! https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/immigration/report/2016/06/16/139551/refugee-integration-in-the-united-states/

We previously wrote about Podesta and his Washington lobbying operation (CAP) here on several occasions.
Here is the Voice of America story that includes comments from Mayor Tim Mahoney who makes it sound like everything is sweetness and light with the refugees placed in Fargo, ND.
So who is really driving the resettlement of refugees in places like North Dakota? Big business?  And, who are the 33 businesses looking for cheap, captive (because they can’t go home!) refugee labor in Fargo?  Does anyone have a list?

During a panel discussion last week in Washington about refugee resettlement, advocates reviewed the importance of local government being part of helping newcomers become familiar with a new reality.

Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney says: besides cheap labor, refugees bring us culture, foods, and religion (what? Fargo was a heathen city in need of religion?).

“While refugee resettlement is a matter of global importance, there’s need to find durable permanent solutions. This is not the time to pull back, but rather an opportunity to lead by example,” said Winnie Stachelberg, executive vice president of external affairs at the Center for American Progress.

Cities like Fargo, in North Dakota, are not “pulling back.” According to Mayor Tim Mahoney, the community has come together to help refugees recover and build new lives.

“We have a great growing city. Good economy and things are happening,” Mahoney said, adding that every year about 500 refugees move to Fargo.

“We have found them an important part of our work force …


Mahoney said the city has a network of 33 businesses “healthily” competing to have newcomers work for them.

Any BIG MEAT in N. Dakota? Poultry processors? That is what I would like to know!
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See our North Dakota archive here.  They have had some very interesting crime stories involving refugees in that state! Don’t miss the one about a Somali refugee murdering a Native American family.
Also, since Lewiston, Maine was invoked by the Center for American Progress, see our huge archive on Lewiston by clicking here.
Assimilation vs. integration! CAPs and the Leftist Open Borders gang do not like the word “assimilation” so you can see in the title of CAPs report that they use the word “integration.”  See our discussion of the Left controlling the language, here.

Celebrate diversity at World Refugee Day today (diversity of diseases returning to US)

World Refugee Day 2016

In addition to Islamic terrorism fears we have, everyone needs to remember that as the Open Borders movement encourages the migration of millions around the world, fears that diseases, long believed eradicated in the civilized world, are returning.
So if you aren’t worried about being an unlucky soul in a terrorist attack, consider that you could meet these diseases wherever you live (and so could your kids in public schools in hundreds of US cities and towns).
From Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart who has been reporting on the established medical community’s silence on the growing threat, and refugee program administrators in many states keeping this information from the general public:

“Six diseases that were recently near eradication are making a comeback in the United States, as the taxpayer funded refugee resettlement industry launches a propaganda blitz about the so-called World Refugee Day this Monday.

The returning diseases are;

1. Tuberculosis
2. Measles
3. Whooping Cough
4. Mumps
5. Scarlet Fever
6. Bubonic Plague”

For details on each, continue reading here.
See Leahy’s complete series on the threat from communicable diseases entering the US with the refugee population and 300 other stories on refugee/immigrant health issues at RRW’s ‘Health Issues’ category.
Also, you have a state refugee health coordinator (contact information here), why not give them a call and get some information from them about the diseases (and PARASITES!) being resettled in your towns and what is being done to protect the public.
P.S.  You pay for all of this medical care!

Is there a cover-up in Twin Falls, Idaho involving refugee boys raping a little girl?

That is what some members of the Twin Falls community wanted to know when they attended a public comment period at their local city council meeting.
Update June 23: CAIR weighs in here.  NY Daily News calls RRW a “conspiracy site” here.
Update June 21: Because thankfully local citizens wouldn’t let it go, officials now admit there was a sexual assault and that the perps are Sudanese and Iraqi, see here.
There are stories swirling on the internet that a gang of refugee juveniles raped a 4-year old girl and that the police are mum because everyone knows this would be a bombshell in a community already on edge about refugees being poured into the area.
Update: Here is a detailed account of what allegedly happened. This report says the girl is 5 years old. By the way, all the big media rushed out to Idaho to report on the Islamophobes in Twin Falls a few months back, so where is the New York Times on this story?
(Since the citizens attended the council meeting detailed below, a local TV station is reporting that the case has been sealed.)
See our extensive coverage of past tensions in Twin Falls by clicking here.
It appears from comments at MagicValley.com that there is something to the story that the mayor and council are trying to hide. Emphasis below is mine.

TWIN FALLS • New concerns about Islam and refugees are being raised in Twin Falls in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in the nation’s history.

Chris Talktington 2
Councilman Chris Talkington made the moral equivalence argument between potato famine Irish and the Islamists coming to America now. Big difference Chris—the Irish weren’t promoting sharia law and slaughtering Americans, they were grateful to be here. And, by the way, I’ll bet a buck that Talkington knows exactly what the rape allegations are! http://www.tfid.org/index.aspx?nid=133

Less than two days after an American-born son of Afghan immigrants murdered 49 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando, four of the five people who spoke at a City Council meeting this week characterized refugees as a problem or called for more information to be released about a sexual assault that is alleged to have been committed by underage refugees.


On Monday, a small group of residents opposed to refugee resettlement and Islam turned its attention to the City Council, which allows an open-comment period where anyone can speak.

Much of their time was spent disparaging Muslims and asking for more information about an alleged sexual assault, the details of which haven’t confirmed by authorities.

There must be something to the story or we wouldn’t be hearing this. If it were a complete fabrication, they would be saying so.

Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs said Wednesday that the rape case in question is under investigation and may involve juveniles. No one has been charged. Police Chief Craig Kingsbury wouldn’t provide any information about the case.


Julie Ruf is with the local chapter of Act for America, a conservative national security-focused organization involved in promoting anti-Shariah law bills in some states. The group has been accused by critics of being anti-Muslim. She read the Council a list of refugee-related questions and called for some sort of public forum or dialogue where people could express their views and get their questions answered.

Now, please go read the rest of the article at MagicValley.com.
The concerned citizens in Twin Falls are doing what they should—continuing to get information out to the public. By speaking up at this council meeting they have created more news and thus helped educate more citizens about the problem.  I would also be working really hard to replace Councilman Talkington! Some one of your group should run against him and make the election about this issue because even if you aren’t elected, the media would be forced to report on the campaign.
Endnote: In 2009, in Phoenix, a gang of refugee juveniles raped a little girl in the neighborhood, here.  See also Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch yesterday on Islam and rape, here.