Insanity! US took 500 illegal aliens off Malta's hands in one year

This invasion of Europe story leads to the invasion of America!
The story makes me sick.  I have been writing about it for EIGHT years.  George Bush started it and of course Obama continued this abrogation of international refugee law. 
Here is one of the earliest posts I wrote (from 2008) about Bush’s Ambassador to Malta who first broke the law!

refugees on Malta
Illegal aliens who arrive on Malta could hit the jackpot and get a ticket to America!

In just one recent year, 500 ILLEGAL aliens made their way from North Africa across the Mediterranean to the island nation of Malta. Then, to help Malta out, our US State Department said ‘presto-chango’ and these ECONOMIC migrants who had launched from lawless Libya and elsewhere in North Africa magically became refugees and they now live in your towns in America somewhere!  And, this has been going on for eight years!
Legitimate claims for asylum are supposed to be made in the first safe country where the LEGITIMATE refugee lands—in this case Malta (making them Europe’s problem).  Are we asking Europe to take some of our illegal alien Mexicans? Of course not!
Do you understand the full import of what this means—any of the phony asylum seekers reaching Europe could be simply moved to America now that the precedent has been set.
From the Independent:

Some 500 immigrants who arrived in Malta in search for a better life have been resettled in the United States of America between March 2015 and March 2016. This information emerged in a reply to a Parliamentary Question. Minister for Home Affairs Carmelo Abela explained that 355 out of the 503 were Somali, 138 came from Eritrea, 17 from Sudan, two from Ethiopia and one from Iraq.

The resettlement exercise was possible following an agreement between the Maltese authorities, the American government and UNHCR.

You know it makes me so mad when I know that Congress, if it had the will, could do so much to reform this program with a few simple fixes that could make it safer and not so insane until real reform could begin.  Simply disallowing this lawbreaking would be a good start!
Click here for more on Malta. I’ve never counted them, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see 50 posts here on just our policy relating to the island nation.

State Department says it will reach 10,000 Syrians goal by the end of September

CNS News reporter Patrick Goodenough is staying on top of the numbers coming out of the US State Department and has the latest count today.  Thanks to reader ‘heymister24’ for letting us know about the up-to-the-minute numbers.

( – The State Department is committed to meeting President Obama’s goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States this fiscal year, and expects the numbers to “increase exponentially” over the summer, a spokesman said Tuesday.

With four months left in FY2016, the administration has admitted 3,566 Syrian refugees as of Tuesday – or 35.6 percent of the 10,000 target number.

Read it all and see their very informative graph which tells us that in the first 7 days of June:

Of the 761 admitted since the beginning of June, none are Christians. The 761 refugees comprise 759 Sunnis, and two other Muslims.

Remember readers that September 30th is not the end of it. All of those new resettlement sites we have been writing about (Reno, NV, Missoula, MT, Rutland, VT etc.), will get their Syrians next year.  Obama has one more shot at ‘determining’ who comes to the US and how many (for FY2017) just as he is leaving office and he has already said the numbers will be much greater than this year. Could a newly elected President in November, put a halt to the flow in January—YES! But, you can be sure Hillary won’t!
Other articles by Patrick Goodenough are here.
See the graph (Obama is saving Sunni Muslims as a first priority):

Alabama county eyed for federal camp to house unaccompanied alien children

According to reports from very angry elected officials in Baldwin County, Alabama, there is nothing on the federal land but airstrips for practice landings and takeoffs and a hayfield at the moment. Construction of housing, including sewer and water, will be very costly.
But apparently the Obama Administration is in the process of determining if the Dept. of Defense sites in Alabama would be good ones to “temporarily” house some of the tens of thousands of so-called ‘unaccompanied alien children’ streaming across the US border at the moment.

Alabama naval fields
Why do they care if the ‘children’ are near an airfield? I wondered if ‘refugee’ camps like this proposed location might be built and later used to airlift larger numbers of Syrians and Middle Easterners/Africans to the US. Seems like its an awfully expensive plan for a “temporary” facility.

I suspect that considering a site in Alabama is probably because the Obama Administration wants to take a whack at Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, the most important Senator in America questioning Obama’s opening our doors to illegals of all sorts (this article uses the word “refugee” in the title, these are not refugees!), and the fact that Sessions is a chief adviser to the Donald Trump campaign.

Forget Alabama for a minute and consider the import of this story—they are anticipating another summer invasion of the US border, perhaps larger than the invasion of 2014 as a Trump Presidency looms on the horizon.

And, could this involve the creation of a ‘refugee camp’ for future use?

Keep your eyes pealed on your county!
From the Lagniappe Weekly:

A plan from the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to assess the feasibility of housing unaccompanied illegal immigrant children at two airfields in Baldwin County is being met with hostility by elected officials at the federal and local levels because of concerns about the lack of infrastructure at the sites and the plan’s potential impact on the county.

ORR, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, notified officials of the assessments in a letter last week. In the letter Rose Hacking, an HHS representative, said ORR is trying to identify locations to provide shelter for potential increases in unaccompanied children apprehended at the Mexican border.

The letter notified officials HHS would soon schedule site assessments at the Naval Outlying Fields in Silverhill and Josephine to determine the feasibility of using the sites as semipermanent shelters if HHS exceeds its current shelter capacity.


According to Hacking’s letter HHS currently has 8,700 beds in its “shelter network” and an additional 2,000 beds on reserve if needed. Some reserve beds are already available at the Homestead Job Corps Center in Homestead, Florida, and the semipermanent structures would be used only if the department were to experience a “substantial” increase in unaccompanied children.

Andrea Helling, ORR chief of staff, said the temporary shelters are typically used for roughly 30 days while the unaccompanied children are evaluated in the court system. She stressed none of the children who may come to Baldwin County sites would impact the county school system or the local health care system.

Tucker Dorsey
Baldwin County Commission President Tucker Dorsey.


According to Helling, the assessors will inspect the sites to determine the ease of installing temporary infrastructure and buildings. They also consider each sites’ proximity to airports and the amount of land available for construction.

Baldwin County Commission President Tucker Dorsey said county officials have not been told how many children may be moved to the site in the event it is used.

“Forget the fact that these would be children who are in the country illegally and the federal government doesn’t properly enforce immigration law,” Dorsey said. “Apart from that, this would be a logistical nightmare for us and them.”

Dorsey said while both sites are large, the federal government would have to install infrastructure and construct buildings at a great cost because the sites currently amount to nothing more than large fields with landing strips.

There is much more, continue reading here.

Some things you should know!

The Office of Refugee Resettlement is shelling out nearly $1 billion this year (FY2016) to take care of the children.
And, the ‘children’ who arrived in FY2015 are 82% teenagers and 68% of the total are boys.  See here.

Düsseldorf in the news again as migrants burn down asylum center

Invasion of Europe news…..
The ‘religion of peace’ strikes again!
We just reported last night that an Islamic terror plot targeted at the German city of Düsseldorf had been thwarted and now here is news that squabbles over a Ramadan wake-up call caused one group of Muslim ‘asylum seekers’ to go on a rampage against another group of Muslims burning down their asylum shelter in their rage.
Ahhhh!  The joys of forced multiculturalism.  It is so beautiful to behold.
From Breitbart:

A massive fire at Düsseldorf’s major international trade fair grounds yesterday has been followed by reports that the blaze was set deliberately by migrants who were angry because of Ramadan.

Officially, some 160 migrants were resident at hall 18 of the Messe Düsseldorf conference centre, but it was a facility plagued by racial conflict which had seen violence spark before. Düsseldorf’s Express newspaper reports these conflicts were not between European German staff and their guests, but between the predominantly Arab residents, and a minority of Afghans who sided with the security staff running the facility — who were mainly Iranian.

According to the testimony of “several burly Moroccan refugees” which the paper had spoken to even as the hall burnt down, the Iranians employed by the German state to look after other migrants from around the world had “deliberately” not woken the Arabs up in time for their Ramadan breakfast following a long run dispute.

Just three weeks ago there had been another, much smaller fire at the exhibition centre as a migrant set fire to his mattress in protest against the accommodation.

Continue reading here and learn how the centuries old religious wars of the Middle East are now being replayed in Europe.
No Bible reading allowed in ‘refugee’ housing either!
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