Don't get suckered again by failed Freedom Caucus ploy from last year on Syrian refugee 'pause'

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

Do they think we are that stupid!


Before you read on, see my previous post about how these Continuing Budget Resolutions have perverted Constitutional government. The Republicans have been complicit in this travesty.
News earlier this week indicated that the House ‘Freedom Caucus’ is thinking about pushing the leadership for the add-on of a bill to the ‘continuing budget resolution’ (CR) to supposedly pause the flow of Syrians to the US!
(Their plans may already have changed, since this Politico story is a couple of days old).
It failed last year because Speaker Ryan knew it wouldn’t pass the Senate.
Here is  the gist of it:

The House Freedom Caucus is targeting must-pass spending legislation as a potential bargaining chip to halt the Obama administration’s Syrian refugee resettlement program — a move sure to complicate GOP leaders’ hopes of heading off any government shut-down talk by quickly passing a stop-gap measure.


The Freedom Caucus, meanwhile, stopped short of adopting a formal strategy on the so-called continuing resolution. Many expected the caucus to vote on Tuesday to oppose a short-term stopgap spending measure that runs out in December. Several of their conservative allies off the Hill have asked leadership to punt any major budget decisions into spring of 2017.

But rather than flat-out opposing the short-term CR, the group of conservative lawmakers instead hashed out a preliminary plan to play hardball during its weekly meeting at Hunan Dynasty on Capitol Hill Tuesday evening.

They’re planning to tell leadership they will back a short-term funding package if they can tuck in a bill by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-N.C.) to stop the resettlement program until the administration “can assure no terrorists or individuals with radical sympathies or views will be admitted,” according to a summary of the bill.

So, what do they think Obama will say? He will assure them in a nanosecond!

Politico continued:

While not an outright refusal to support a short-term CR, their demands could still spark a major legislative battle that gums up appropriations: While the refugees matter passed the House early this year, it died in the Senate, which needs Democratic votes to send anything to the president’s desk. Obama, likewise, is almost certain to reject a spending bill that includes such a provision.

“There was some discussion about doing a shorter-term CR if we had a commitment from leadership to attach and keep attached a pause on Syrian Refugees coming in until we have a better vetting system to identity the terrorists,” said one Freedom Caucus member who asked not to be identified. “We haven’t taken a formal position, but there was a lot of discussion about that and many of the members felt that was a reasonable request.”

They know you are angry as hell! This is really just a sop to you.
All they really need to do is CUT THE FUNDING ACROSS THE BOARD FOR THE PROGRAM TO WHATEVER LEVEL THEY HAVE THE GUTS TO FIGHT FOR!  (Remember there are other concerns with the refugee program besides the Syrian flood, Somalis have proven to be a problematic group as well!).

Now, for a good laugh!

A meaningless show vote!

See what World Net Daily reported LAST year about this same failed strategy:

House Speaker Paul Ryan is lining up a showdown vote for Thursday on President Obama’s plan to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees in the United States.

Throwing a  bone! Speaker Ryan knew that the Syrian ‘pause’ would go no where in the Senate

But conservatives on Capitol Hill who want to see the refugee program halted are warning that Ryan’s plan is nothing but a smokescreen designed to give lip-service while refusing to defund the program.

Ryan likely has no intention of cutting off the flow of Muslim refugees into the U.S., nor does he plan to ensure Syria’s persecuted Christian minority gets rescued from the clutches of ISIS, sources told WND.

But WND has learned from insiders on Capitol Hill that Ryan’s end objective is not to close down a program that has delivered more than 1.5 million Muslim refugees to American cities and towns since 1990 under a law authored in 1980 by then-Sen. Joe Biden and the late Teddy Kennedy.

A conservative Capitol Hill aide told WND, “Paul Ryan is setting us up for a meaningless show vote on Syrian refugees so the White House can continue the influx of Muslim refugees this year and all the years to follow as it always has.

“Putting Ryan in charge of a fight to block refugees would be like putting (Nancy) Pelosi in charge of fight to repeal Obamacare,” the staffer said. “No one loves mass immigration more than Ryan, so how exactly is he going to make a public argument against it? He can’t and won’t, leaving Democrats unharmed, unscathed and unafraid.”

Members of the House Intelligence, Armed Services and Homeland Security panels will meet this week to come up with legislation the House will vote on by Thursday.

The “show vote” will likely occur on North Carolina Rep. Richard Hudson’s American SAFE Act of 2105, the source said, a toothless bill that would allow Obama to continue the transfer of Middle Eastern refugees to the U.S. with certain assurances that they are being “certified” as having no connections to terrorism.

Babin bill has more teeth

A much stronger bill, the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act introduced by Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, is not being moved to a vote by Ryan. The Texas congressman’s bill would halt all resettlements until a full accounting of the program’s cost and risks to national security can be fully assessed.

And, of course Ryan still won’t move it this year!
Defund refugee resettlement!
I want to impress upon you how important this funding issue is.  The Refugee Industry understands it very well or else they wouldn’t be planning their big push on Congress during this next week and into the week of the 19th when Obama goes to the United Nations to guilt-trip America into ‘welcoming’ hundreds of thousands of impoverished people to America.  You must push back and do it now!
If you are reading RRW for the first time, see our tag ‘Where is Congress’ and read about what you need to be doing!
By the way if the CR is short term (until December), you might have a great opportunity in October when they are all home trying to get elected to really hammer them on defunding refugee resettlement.  But, you can’t count on that, so you must hit them before Obama goes to the United Nations!  Better still, hit them this next week before the refugee industry does its postcard drop on the 15th.
The Freedom Caucus members are listed here.  Does one of these members represent you?

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