If Islamic terrorists don't scare you, Tuberculosis should!

Michael Patrick Leahy writing at Breitbart reported yesterday on yet another case of active Tuberculosis in the refugee flow to America. I will wager that the vast majority of Americans have no idea that refugees are walking around sometimes for weeks and months with TB (even active TB) interacting with you in schools, stores, and in the workplace.

Are you around refugees/immigrants who cough a lot? Know the warning signs.

Here is the latest from Michigan, yesterday, at Breitbart (hat tip: Drudge):

An Iraqi refugee who arrived in Oakland County, Michigan in June 2015 was diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB) in March of this year, a spokesperson for the Oakland County Health and Human Services Department (OCHD) tells Breitbart News.


News that at least one recently resettled refugee has been diagnosed with active TB in Michigan brings the number of states that have confirmed recently resettled refugees have been diagnosed with active TB to twelve. The other eleven states (with the number of refugees diagnosed with active TB shown in parentheses) include Wisconsin (27), Nebraska (21)Louisiana (21), Vermont (17)Colorado (16), Florida (11), Ohio (11 in one county)Idaho (7), Kentucky (9 in one county)North Dakota (4 in one county), and Indiana (4).

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This is one more important reason why the House and Senate Judiciary Committees should be holding hearings right now! 
In addition to following the law which requires Congressional hearings before the new fiscal year begins, hearings would begin to lay the ground work for extensive reform of the Refugee Admissions Program in a new administration.
See Leahy’s story this morning on Obama’s proposal for FY 2017—110,000 refugees for your towns next year!—in which I am quoted.
I’ve asked this before but will keep asking it, are volunteers who sign up to help refugees settle-in instructed in how to protect themselves from communicable diseases?
Refugees have a lot of health problems, see our health issues category with 316 previous posts by clicking here.

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