Horowitz at Conservative Review nails it! Refugee program (our national sovereignty) should be central to this election

conservative-reviewYesterday conservative writer Daniel Horowitz reported on the Obama Administration’s announcement that they are shooting for admitting 110,000 refugees to be placed in your towns starting on October 1.
I’m sure you are shouting at the computer at this very minute—how can he do that he is out of here in only a few short months!  Well, he can if Congress gives him the funding and the pass that every Congress for the last 35 years has given the administration on the subject of refugees.
Before I tell you more of what Daniel Horowitz said, his vitally important point is this one!  Are we going to stand silent and lose our sovereignty, to be overrun as Europe is today? Indeed, do we want to be Europe?***

“It would be a crying shame for conservatives not to harness this very potent issue and make the election a referendum on whether America will become like Europe or not.”

Now here is a bit of what else he said yesterday, but please read the whole thing because he presents some very good ideas for reforming the entire program.


Earlier today, pursuant to the Refugee Act of 1980, which requires the State Department to consult with Congress on the annual level of refugee intake, the Obama administration announced its plans to admit 110,000 refugees in FY 2017 beginning October 1. That is a 25,000 net increase from this current fiscal year level, and a 40,000 net increase from most recent years. It is also 10,000 more than the State Department projected for FY 2017 during last September’s consultation with Congress.

Are the people and their representatives powerless in stopping this forced transformation?

As I wrote in Stolen Sovereignty, Ted Kennedy promised that the 1980 refugee bill would limit the flow of refugees and increase Congressional input in the process. Refugee intake was to be capped at 50,000 a year. But in a sleight of hand that the public would have never approved had it been advertised in a transparent way, the president was granted de facto unilateral authority to increase the flow over and beyond the 50,000 cap beginning in 1983 — in consultation with Congress.

More here.
But, don’t forget, and Horowitz tells us too—Congress holds the power to defund the Refugee Admissions Program right now! 
And, by the way, it isn’t just about the Presidential election in November.  All of your members of Congress are up for election and one third of the US Senate. Find them on the campaign trail and let them know what you think!
***If you need evidence about the death of Europe, see RRW’s complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive here.

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