At last night's VP debate, Hillary's 65,000 Syrian refugees came up…..

…..but, did you know it was Senator Tim Kaine’s number before Hillary began talking about it!
Update: More here yesterday at Breitbart.
(Hillary publicly used the 65,000 number in September of 2015, but Kaine was pressing Obama in early summer of 2015.)
(I gotta dash today, more later on the debate).  But, I want to encourage you to watch this youtube video I made with the help of the Center for Security Policy in June 2015 in which I identify Kaine as one of 14 members of what we call the Senate Jihad Caucus!
98-99% of all Syrian refugees admitted to the US thus far are Muslims, mostly Sunni Muslims.
Update: Before I dashed out earlier I should have linked the LA Times story that I was basing my comments on.

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