RRW Monthly round-up for October 2016

Didn’t get around to my sporadic weekly roundup on Saturday, so since it was so close to the end of the month, I’m posting a round-up for the month of October. A big month here—readership in a week is more than my first half year in 2007!  And, as I mentioned in a post this morning about Denmark, we have readers from all over the world—from 182 countries and territories just in October!

Thanks to the $PLC for the nice drawing: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2016/10/27/a-great-honor-splc-names-me-one-of-15-anti-muslim-extremists-in-america/

You should know that there is way too much to cover on the topic of refugees that I can’t possibly keep up by myself and luckily lots of media outlets are picking up refugee news (LOL!) other than fluffy puffy news about refugees seeing their first snow. Breitbart and World Net Daily are two online publications with regular refugee news.***
Although now that November is here, be ready for lots of warm and fuzzy news about refugees and Thanksgiving.  The resettlement contractors make it a point each year to hold Thanksgiving dinners for newly arrived refugees and invite in the local press (Propaganda 101!).
Without further ado, here are the Top Three Most Visited Posts of the last month.

This is insane! Taxpayers pay rent for Somalis who feel the need to visit Somalia (for months!)

Obama State Department bringing refugees in at the astronomical rate of over 400 a day!

One town in Michigan is fighting for its survival as county targeted for even more Middle Eastern refugees

By the way, this number 3 top post was only published on the 27th of October so it did get a huge number of hits ( in only a few days) to be in the top 3.
Top ten countries excluding the US from which readers arrived at RRW in the month of October:


UK (will be watching the UK numbers more closely as a report yesterday from a reader suggested RRW might be being blocked there)



South Africa






For new readers:

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In one week from today we will know if there is any hope of reforming this out-of-control refugee program or not! Go Trump!

***Best little blogroll on the net!

Want to keep up with all the news from your favorite writers on this issue? Visit Richard Falknor’s Blue Ridge Forum for his excellent blogroll! It’s one-stop shopping! Click here where Richard has hot links to so many great websites and writers.  You won’t have to search all over the web every day for all of the important news on this issue and others, your sources are right there in the right hand column blogroll.

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