Trump Watch! Will he begin to slow immigration/refugees today?

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I don’t know yet, there are rumblings that executive orders on the border and on refugees from terror-exporting regions of the world are on the President’s agenda today. We will find out soon enough.
However, just now when I checked Wrapsnet, there has been no refugee data added since we reported that 30,063 had been placed this fiscal year up until the morning of January 21.
It could be that data entry people simply were off for the weekend and we will see new entries later today.  It is possible that the data has been turned off for the public, but it is doubtful that Trump could have shut the flow off that fast. There are refugees all over the world with plane tickets in hand and you can bet they will be coming.
More later….. (unless Trump makes the move early today, you might have the news before me!).

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