What is the holdup? Now over 500 more refugees have been recorded entering US today

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I told readers this morning that 521 refugees were recorded today by the Refugee Processing Center and now as I check the numbers again at 6:30 p.m. I see it has risen to 1,073. They added 552 more refugees since this morning! [Correction, I am told this 1,073 would be for roughly a 36 hour period.]

***Update*** See my explanation of how I screwed up with my numbers last night and my methodology going forward, here.
Also watching the numbers all day, as the administration dithered and delayed again the highly anticipated executive order on refugees, was reporter Michael Leahy at Breitbart!
Leahy posted this headline story a few minutes ago:

Bureaucrats Gone Wild, Bring In 526 More Refugees on Thursday

And, so from 5 p.m. until I checked at 6:30 p.m. another 26 were recorded!  This is insane!
What is holding up the Trump announcement?
Let me guess! could it be the globalists in Congress—Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell pressuring the White House?

Here is Leahy:

Bureaucrats at the State Department brought in an additional 526 refugees in the seventeen hours between midnight and 5 p.m. eastern on Thursday.

The continued inflow is a bureaucratic challenge against President Trump’s campaign promise to temporarily ban refugees from Syria and other countries hostile to the United States.

Press reports on Tuesday said Trump was expected to sign an executive order announcing a four-month temporary ban on refugees from all countries, starting some time this week.

An additional executive order, reports indicated, is expected to block visas from seven Middle Eastern countries: Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Iran, and Iraq.

Trump has signed a number of other executive orders in an action-packed “shock and awe” first week on the job, but the expected temporary ban on refugees has not been among them.


Since Tuesday, when reports of the impending refugee ban were first published, bureaucrats at the State Department have brought in a total of 1,613 refugees to the United States: 575 on Tuesday, 512 on Wednesday, and 526 up to 5 p.m. eastern on Thursday.

Of the 526 refugees who arrived in the United States in the seventeen hours between midnight and 5 pm Thursday, 47 percent, or 250 out of 526, arrived from the seven Middle Eastern countries in which President Trump is expected to block visas. The countries were Syria (79), Sudan (11), Somalia (85), Yemen (0), Libya (0), Iran (46), and Iraq (29).

How many more around the globe are holding plane tickets for tomorrow? And, the day after as Trump’s team delays.

Here comes General Kelly

General Kelly, the Director of Homeland Security was in position to make this move on the DHS portion of the Refugee Admissions Program, while the State Dept. is still in the hands of the Obama bureaucrats.

One bit of good news (and confirmation that a slowdown has begun) reported by Reuters this evening is that refugee interviews abroad have been halted. Thanks to reader ‘heymister24’ for the tip!

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has temporarily halted trips by staff to interview refugees abroad as it prepares for a likely shakeup of refugee policy by President Donald Trump, two sources with knowledge of the decision said on Thursday.

The decision effectively amounts to a pause in future refugee admissions, given that the interviews are a crucial step in an often years-long process.

The DHS leadership’s decision to halt the interview trips was communicated to those involved in the U.S. refugee admission process on Wednesday, one of the sources said.

It means that though Trump has not yet ordered a temporary halt to the refugee program, future admissions are likely to be delayed.

More here.
That is good news, but again how many refugees around the world are holding plane tickets?
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Another way to skin the cat: Starve the UN beast

Cut funding for the International Organization for Migration too!

Reportedly Donald Trump is working on an executive order to limit US funds to the United Nations and certain other international organizations.

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Readers here know that the vast majority of our refugees are chosen at the direction of the United Nations and that processing (including handing out those US taxpayer-funded plane tickets) falls to a special branch of the UN—the International Organization for Migration which was not too long ago folded in to the United Nations.
Many recent media reports put US funding to the UN at 25% of the entire budget of the multi-billion dollar organization whose members are always ready and willing to criticize the US and Israel.
Here The Hill is rewriting a NYT piece about the possible executive order:

President Trump’s administration is crafting an executive order that will potentially reduce America’s role in global organizations like the United Nations, according to a new report.

2015: First (starving) Syrian refugees arrive in KY. Note the white bag with the letters IOM. Cut funding for IOM and cut refugee flow! https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2015/02/15/first-syrian-refugees-arriving-in-louisville-ky-helped-with-grant-from-islamic-charity/

Trump’s draft order calls for enacting “at least a 40 percent overall decrease” in U.S. funding to international groups meeting any one of several criteria, The New York Times said Wednesday.


Trump’s draft order, which is titled “Auditing and Reducing U.S. Funding of International Organizations,” would establish a committee to recommend where such funding cuts should be made.Trump’s draft order, which is titled “Auditing and Reducing U.S. Funding of International Organizations,” would establish a committee to recommend where such funding cuts should be made.

Continue here.

I have a recommendation! Cut the funding to the IOM and it will result in a drastic cut to the number of refugees forced upon us!

Trump Watch! Trump delaying executive order on refugees (or so we are told)

Trump Watch!

Update: Who is running the show, Trump or bureaucrats, see here.
Late last night word began to leak out that the much anticipated executive orders on the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program and immigrant visas from terror-exporting countries were being delayed.

You might want to let the White House know what you think by clicking here.

This is what Townhall says on the matter:

Posted: Jan 25, 2017 9:30 PM

Trump Delays Executive Order On Refugees, Immigration From Nations With Terrorist Activity

Christine wrote about it last night, but it looks like the executive order to curb refugees and immigration from nations that have a history of terrorist activity won’t be happening tomorrow, according to CNN. For the Left, they’re bound to go indiscriminately insane since it calls for a blanket ban on Muslim migrants for a four-month period, but a draft of the executive order seems to be pretty common sense, especially given the nations the Trump administration has selected to temporarily ban. At the earliest, the executive order could be signed by Friday. The language has not been finalized:

Continue reading here to see the language Townhall is posting.  And, see here the lack of knowledge the Trump team appears to have about other refugees of concern, namely the Burma/Bangladesh Rohingya.
Here, we have a report from CBS News posted just after midnight about what the draft executive order contains:

Go here to watch CAIR rage! The migration (the Hijra) is vital to their caliphate-building plans. http://www.cair.com/press-center/press-releases/14051-watch-cair-issues-statement-on-trump-s-planned-muslim-ban-executive-orders.html

The Associated Press obtained a draft of the executive order, which says that the president plans to suspend issuing visas for people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen for at least 30 days. The order also shows that President Donald Trump intends to stop accepting Syrian refugees and suspend the United States’ broader refugee program for 120 days.


Mr. Trump has the authority to determine how many refugees are accepted annually and he can suspend the program at any time. Refugee processing was suspended in the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, restarting months later.

During the last budget year, the U.S. accepted 84,995 refugees, including 12,587 people from Syria and President Barack Obama had set the refugee limit for this budget year at 110,000.

Mr. Trump, according to his yet-to-be-signed executive order, will cut that program by more half to 50,000. The order said while the program is suspended, the U.S. may admit people on a case-by-case basis “when in the national interest” and the government would continue to process refugee requests from people claiming religious persecution, “provided that the religion….is a minority religion in the individual’s country.” That suggests that would allow the admission of Christians from Muslim-majority countries. [It would also allow Shiites from majority Sunni countries and vice-versa! Right?—-ed]

More here.

Do you see how this numbers game works?

Because Obama proposed 110,000 that becomes the benchmark!  So, if Trump sets the number at 50,000 (we already have 31,521 in this fiscal year as of today), Trump can claim this is a huge reduction and the Open borders gang can cry foul because they had their hearts set on 110,000 (and LOL! their budget dreams were set on that number too!).

As we reported yesterday! Obama had two years under 60,000 and Bush had at least 4 years under 50,000, so that number is not a great reduction!

See our previous post about the 512 refugees admitted in the last 24 hours!
Don’t miss Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily about CAIR crying foul because the Hijra to America might be disrupted!

Another 500 refugees added since yesterday; come on Donald!

The word on the cable networks, as I got up this morning, is that the President will not sign his refugee executive orders today.  I’ll have more on the news I’m seeing in the next post.
rpcLogoSmall [Converted]
As you know I have been tracking the refugee admissions since the morning of January 20th (Inauguration day). On that morning Wrapsnet (also called the Refugee Processing Center) reported that we had admitted 29,895 refugees since the first day of the 2017 fiscal year (October 1, 2016).
This morning the number was 31,521, a gain of 1,626 since Donald Trump became President less than a week ago. The US State Department and its refugee contractors are on a mission to get Obama’s 110,000 in here by September 30th!

We see now that there was a one day jump of 512 since yesterday, a rate that puts them well on their way to that 110,000 goal for the year.

This morning I ran the numbers for 1/25/2017 to 1/26/2017 and got 512!
You can bet that every day the Trump team drags this out, you will see astronomical numbers like that and you can be sure that the UN/IOM is handing out plane tickets like pez candy around the world.
They will then wail and moan that Trump couldn’t possibly dash the hopes of all those with a seat on a plane.
Here is where the 512 were distributed:

Florida is 8 (number cut off in screenshot).  Alaska and Hawaii are zero.

Here are the top ten receiving states over the last 24 hours:
And, here is a list of the nationalities and the numbers admitted in those 24 hours:

Afghanistan (1)

Bhutan (97)

Burma (68) By the way, 25 of these are the Burmese Muslim Rohingya I told you about yesterday.

Burundi (9)

DR Congo (98)

Eritrea (22)

Ethiopia (7)

Guatemala (1)

Iran (40)

Iraq (51)

Jordan (1)

Pakistan (5)

Rwanda (7)

Somalia (28)

Sudan (2)

Syria (35)

Ukraine (40)

Totals 512

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