My methodology when using Wrapsnet (the DOS data base for incoming refugees) explained

Sorry, I got screwed up in my math last night and had to change the headline of my post.
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For new readers, here is the Refugee Processing Center (Wrapsnet) website where you find the numbers of refugees entering the US—where they are from and where they are going.
Click here and see the various choices you can make in pulling up data. Try it yourself!
By the way, this was information not available to the general public for many of the early years of RRW.  It was a password protected site.
The problem (and one that caught me yesterday) is that we don’t know exactly when in the course of 24 hours data is being posted, so by going back later in the day on any given day, one can get deceptive results.
So, I’m going back to my previous (safe) methodology of checking numbers at only one time of the day, between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m., and capture all the entries for a previous 24 hour period.
This is what I know:
On the morning of President Trump’s inauguration the number of refugees admitted to the US this fiscal year (which began on October 1, 2016), the same fiscal year that Obama had proposed entry numbers of 110,000 *** (the highest since way before 9/11), it was 29,895.
This morning, one week later the number is 32,094.  That means 2,199 refugees arrived in the US since Inauguration Day. That is a daily rate of 314 per day!

Here are the numbers I recorded each day (all between 5 and 6 a.m.):

January 20th: 29,895

January 21st: 30,063

January 22nd: 30,063

January 23rd: 30,063

January 24th: 30,063

January 25th: 30,885

January 26th: 31,521

January 27th: 32,094

We added 2,199 refugees in the week. It is still a mystery why there were no refugees being recorded on those 4 days. The data began to be updated in the afternoon of the 24th.
If you play around with Wrapsnet, you can find out how many refugees of each nationality were placed in your towns (since 2002).

New readers looking for which resettlement agencies are working in your cities and towns, go here.

***Obama proposed 110,000 for this fiscal year, and as of today we are already at 32,094. If Trump changes the number to 50,000, yes that is a reduction from Obama’s proposal, but it is not that significant when looking back ten years.  Obama had 2 years under 60,000 and Bush had 4 years under 50,000. (See my next post)

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