"New site development guide" for those attempting to make your town a new refugee resettlement site


Just now when I was updating RRW with information on finding resettlement offices near you, I came across this guide prepared by the US State Department showing refugee activists what they must do to make your city or town a new site.
Laurence Bartlett (DOS) with an earlier version of the resettlement sites map we can no longer find.

I haven’t had time to read it carefully, but if you are in a pocket of resistance, or fear for your town, you better have a look at this. 
I don’t know when it was posted, but it looks like it was after the November election.
The undated letter of introduction is written by Laurence Bartlett, one of the career bureaucrats Trump’s people will have to deal with.  See here.
If you are a new reader and just beginning to try to understand the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program, you might want to visit our ‘Where to find information’ category, here.

Is there a Refugee placement office in your town? Updated list available

rpcLogoSmall [Converted]We had for years been able to visit the list maintained by the US State Department Bureau of Populations, Refugees and Migration of “affiliate” offices.  These are the subcontractors’ offices in hundreds of US cities. When the website Wrapsnet was recently remodeled, I couldn’t find the list at first.  Just now I looked again and it is back (it may have been there the whole time!).
The list is somewhat updated.  For instance it includes the newly opened offices in Rutland, VT, Fayetteville, AR, and Ithaca, NY, but I don’t see the new USCRI office in Reno, NV.
You would think that if they were updating they might put Nebraska in the proper alphabetical order. LOL! So if Nebraskans are looking for the offices in your state, don’t get excited when at first you can’t find Nebraska!  They have Nebraska after North Dakota.
Remember too, that refugees can be placed within a hundred mile radius of these cities.
This (below) is a screenshot of the first page.  Note the abbreviation in the left hand corner. The data base you are looking at lists contact information for subcontractors, but the abbreviation indicates the major federal contractor (there are nine of them, see below) which is passing your money through to the subcontractor.


Abbreviations (thanks to a reader who sent this just the other day):

CWS: Church World Service

ECDC: Ethiopian Community Development Council

HIAS: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

IRC: International Rescue Committee

LIRS: Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

USCCB: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

USCRI: U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

EMM: Episcopal Migration Ministries

WRI: World Relief Inc.

New sites?  You might want to visit the feds’ New Site Development Guide, here.

New readers: If you’ve never checked our Frequently Asked Questions, go there now and have a look.

Trump Watch! Will he begin to slow immigration/refugees today?

Trump Watch! See our new category here: https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/category/trump-watch/

I don’t know yet, there are rumblings that executive orders on the border and on refugees from terror-exporting regions of the world are on the President’s agenda today. We will find out soon enough.
However, just now when I checked Wrapsnet, there has been no refugee data added since we reported that 30,063 had been placed this fiscal year up until the morning of January 21.
It could be that data entry people simply were off for the weekend and we will see new entries later today.  It is possible that the data has been turned off for the public, but it is doubtful that Trump could have shut the flow off that fast. There are refugees all over the world with plane tickets in hand and you can bet they will be coming.
More later….. (unless Trump makes the move early today, you might have the news before me!).

Muslim woman investigates groups behind "Women's march," finds Soros everywhere

Longtime pals!

When I saw the headline for this story pass by yesterday, I said to myself, so what else is new. We have been writing about Soros for years (see here) especially as it relates to his one-world goal of erasing borders and flooding first world countries with impoverished migrants.
His role in helping open the flood gates in Europe is well documented.
But, this morning, thanks to Judy, I read the article by a Muslim woman, published in, of all places, the New York Times.
You should read it! See what one diligent investigator can do!
Entitled: ‘Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington.’

In the pre-dawn darkness of today’s presidential inauguration day, I faced a choice, as a lifelong liberal feminist who voted for Donald Trump for president: lace up my pink Nike sneakers to step forward and take the DC Metro into the nation’s capital for the inauguration of America’s new president, or wait and go tomorrow to the after-party, dubbed the “Women’s March on Washington”?

The Guardian has touted the “Women’s March on Washington” as a “spontaneous” action for women’s rights. Another liberal media outlet, Vox, talks about the “huge, spontaneous groundswell” behind the march. On its website, organizers of the march are promoting their work as “a grassroots effort” with “independent” organizers. Even my local yoga studio, Beloved Yoga, is renting a bus and offering seats for $35. The march’s manifesto says magnificently, “The Rise of the Woman = The Rise of the Nation.”

It’s an idea that I, a liberal feminist, would embrace. But I know — and most of America knows — that the organizers of the march haven’t put into their manifesto: the march really isn’t a “women’s march.” It’s a march for women who are anti-Trump.


To understand the march better, I stayed up through the nights this week, studying the funding, politics and talking points of the some 403 groups that are “partners” of the march. Is this a non-partisan “Women’s March”?

Revelation! So, it was Soros who funded the Southern Poverty Law Center report naming me one of the top 15 anti-Muslim extremists in the US.

Asra Q. Nomani continues…..

Thank you Georgie for the artwork and the honor! https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2016/10/27/a-great-honor-splc-names-me-one-of-15-anti-muslim-extremists-in-america/

On the issues I care about as a Muslim, the “Women’s March,” unfortunately, has taken a stand on the side of partisan politics that has obfuscated the issues of Islamic extremism over the eight years of the Obama administration.

“Women’s March” partners include the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has not only deflected on issues of Islamic extremism post-9/11, but opposes Muslim reforms that would allow women to be prayer leaders and pray in the front of mosques, without wearing headscarves as symbols of chastity. Partners also include the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which wrongly designated Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim reformer, an “anti-Muslim extremist” in a biased report released before the election. The SPLC confirmed to me that Soros funded its “anti-Muslim extremists” report targeting Nawaz. (Ironically, CAIR also opposes abortions, but its leader still has a key speaking role.)

Read it all.
Visit my posts yesterday on how a refugee resettlement contractor, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, was promoting the march and see what Moveon.org (one of many Soros groups) is spearheading.