"New site development guide" for those attempting to make your town a new refugee resettlement site


Just now when I was updating RRW with information on finding resettlement offices near you, I came across this guide prepared by the US State Department showing refugee activists what they must do to make your city or town a new site.
Laurence Bartlett (DOS) with an earlier version of the resettlement sites map we can no longer find.

I haven’t had time to read it carefully, but if you are in a pocket of resistance, or fear for your town, you better have a look at this. 
I don’t know when it was posted, but it looks like it was after the November election.
The undated letter of introduction is written by Laurence Bartlett, one of the career bureaucrats Trump’s people will have to deal with.  See here.
If you are a new reader and just beginning to try to understand the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program, you might want to visit our ‘Where to find information’ category, here.

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