Trump Watch! is back, promises to block Trump cabinet and agenda

We haven’t heard much from Moveon for years, but they are back! vowing to stop President Donald Trump on apparently everything, starting with his cabinet members’ confirmations.  It will be a great opportunity for them to rake in some big bucks.

And, so it begins (no rest for us!)

Trump Watch!

My Trump Watch! is intended to mostly report on what he does with immigration and refugees, but I see this morning I’m going to want to report on what the Progressives are up to as well. (And, there is no new data posted on refugees this morning at Wrapsnet.)
Here (below), in an e-mail from Working Families party, we learn that tonight there will be a conference call. You should consider signing up to find out what they are up to, but you might want to begin countering their planned Tuesday action to pressure Senate offices by calling Senate offices on Monday in support of President Trump’s cabinet picks.
Nearly two weeks ago we told you about Indivisible which is also involved with Moveon and Working Families.
These hard left activists will be very good at scaring the heck out of squishy House and Senate Republicans and Donald Trump will not get his agenda items through once they successfully cause the Republican chickens to hide from Trump. You must give them some backbone! If they get scared now, there won’t be any slowdown on immigration and refugee resettlement.

Because this is a screenshot, the links are dead.  Go here to sign up for the phone call!
And, click here, to see if they have an “action” near you.
I hope that all those pink pussies who showed up at demonstrations around the country know who they have joined with, these are the hardcore progressives, socialists and communists.

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