EU trying (in vain?) to get new agreement on migrant redistribution in Europe; fear increase in populism

“If we don’t get a deal by the summer we will lose credibility vis-à-vis public opinion and we cannot afford that because it would fuel support for populist and extremist parties across the country.”

(Unnamed diplomat from a frontline country)

Politico Europe is reporting that the European Union is working to get in place (by June) a new plan to redistribute migrants from frontline countries, but those frontline countries are not happy.

Invasion of Europe news….

Of course no where is it mentioned that they must first stop the boats arriving from North Africa (European equivalent of BUILD THE WALL)!


African migrants sit on deck of Armed Forces of Malta patrol boat as it arrives at AFM Maritime Squadron base in Valletta's Marsamxett Harbour
Ferrying them in! (Note masks and gloves)


The political fight over migration is roaring back to life.

Five EU countries that sit on the bloc’s external borders are bucking a proposed overhaul of asylum rules, putting in peril efforts to strike a deal by June’s summit of European leaders.

The pushback from Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Malta — laid out in a three-page position paper obtained by POLITICO — comes as Bulgaria, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU, is pushing a proposal aimed at revising the so-called Dublin Regulation and ending one of the bloc’s most bitter policy fights.

In efforts to keep the Visegrad countries onboard, the frontline states (in the draft proposal) would get the brunt of a provision which, in the draft, says migrants must stay where they landed FOR up to TEN YEARS!

Their hard position comes on top of the longstanding opposition by the Visegrad countries — Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia — to any effort by Brussels to force countries to accept refugees, or to set new restrictions on how asylum seekers might be returned to the first EU country they entered.

The Bulgarian proposal is pushed by Germany, Sweden and other countries eager to avoid a repeat of the 2015-2016 migration crisis.

It revives the idea of applying mandatory quotas for all EU countries to take a certain number of refugees — which was imposed temporarily during the crisis but fiercely opposed, especially by Hungary and Poland. The EU ended the quota system in September 2017 after transferring fewer than 28,000 refugees, far short of the 160,000 goal. However, the new proposal calls for imposing quotas only if refugee numbers spike, suddenly setting off another crisis.

Under this new system, the EU would push for voluntary “allocations” of refugees from countries that are hardest hit to other willing EU countries, in part by offering financial inducements. The proposal is intended to stifle the complaints of anti-migrant European politicians, but any suggestion of mandatory quotas, even in extreme situations, is likely to be controversial in places like Austria or Poland.

Fear! Austria is set to take the presidency of EU, and the Leftists fear that the new hard line Austrian government will then stymie all efforts to spread the pain more evenly.

“We want a deal by June because the presidency that comes next is Austria, which has extremely conservative views on Dublin and migration and borders,” this diplomat said.

“If we don’t get a deal by the summer we will lose credibility vis-à-vis public opinion and we cannot afford that because it would fuel support for populist and extremist parties across the country.”

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European Lutherans fight against populism and nationalism!

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It is really worth reading the short news story and watching the video, especially if you are of the Lutheran faith.
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