Another 16 detainees that Australia refuses to resettle are on their way to four locations in US

We learn from Radio New Zealand that the 16 ‘refugees’ from Muslim countries are going to Chicago, Las Vegas, Texas and Arizona (cities in TX and AZ not named).

australian detainees
More mostly Muslim young men on the way to America on the taxpayer’s dime!

Trump’s travel ban has eliminated those from Somalia, Sudan and Iran, but golly-gee, this bunch is from those safe countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Rohingya from Bangladesh/Burma.

President Trump promised the Aussies that we would take up to 1,250 of those the Australians don’t want in their country—Obama’s dumb deal is Trump’s dumb deal now.

Radio New Zealand:

Another 16 refugees, including three children left Nauru yesterday to be resettled in the United States.

The group comprised, four Afghans, four Pakistanis, three single Rohingyans; and one Rohingya couple and their three children.

The Refugee Action Coalition said they would be settled in various locations, including Chicago, Las Vegas, Texas and Arizona.

This bring the total number of refugees from Nauru resettled in the US to 155, while just 85 refugees from Papua New Guinea’s Manus have so far been accepted into America.


About 750 refugees remain on Manus and about a thousand on Nauru where they were detained by Australia five years ago.

Australia pro refugee demo
If the young Aussie Leftists want the Muslim single men so badly, why are we taking them to the US (on our dime!)  Photo:

Radio New Zealand continues….

No Iranians, Somalis or Sudanese have been accepted for resettlment in the US this year, after US President Donald Trump tried to ban people from the muslim countries from entering America.

“The [Australian] government’s claim that the US deal is going to provide resettlement for the refugees they have kept on Manus and Nauru is less credible by the day,” Mr Rintoul said.

“They have admitted that up to 500 refugees will be left behind on Manus and Nauru regardles of the US deal, yet they refuse to accept New Zealand’s offer to resettle 150 people,” he said.

“It’s time the government faced up to the failure of offshore detention and the US resettlement deal. All the refugees and asylum seekers should be brought to safety in Australia.”

Do whatever you have to do Australia, but these illegal aliens are NOT our problem!
Pottery barn rule does not apply! I repeat: this is Malcolm Turnbull’s political problem, not ours!
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As always, don’t like what you see, contact the White House, link in upper right hand column here. I assure you that this ‘deal’ is way out of the ordinary for the international understanding of how ‘refugees’ (are they even refugees?) are to be resettled.

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