Secret decoder ring needed! This time in Virginia and Arizona

I’ve been joking about the fact that the vast majority of news stories about violent crimes report that the “man” was responsible and then go on to name the arrested man, not as Bob Jones or Fred Smith, but Mohamed A. Abdullahi or Chukwumankpam Mbegbu.

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Ann Coulter made light of this fact in her best seller “Adios America.” 

She said citizens need “secret decoder rings” when reading news stories in order to figure out where certain violent criminals came from and how they got to America (illegally? or through some legal program) because the police and the media are going to keep those facts secret unless an enterprising reporter does some serious digging.

Two more such cases came to my attention over the last few days.

First, reader Cathy, sent this story (below) from Virginia.

From Inside Nova:

Store clerk killed in Fairfax County early Wednesday

Since they obviously don’t want to post the arrested man’s mugshot, the story is illustrated with a shot of a police car!

NoVA police car
The ubiquitous police car illustrates the news!


A convenience store employee was killed early Wednesday at a gas station in western Fairfax County.


The victim, Resham Bajgain, 40, of Herndon, suffered blunt force trauma to the upper body. An autopsy will be conducted Thursday.

Mohamed A. Abdullahi, 19, of Herndon, was found soon after in the shopping center parking lot and arrested, police officials said. He is being held at the Adult Detention Center without bond.

The arrested “man” is Mohamed A. Abdullahi (a common Somali name).  No sign of the ‘S’ word or the ‘R’ word.  Most Somalis in the US are refugees or the children of refugees.

And, from Arizona comes this story, hat tip: ManxCatsRule:

PD: 19-year-old shot, killed by Phoenix police was Bridle Path flasher from 2016

Once again, no photo of the perp.

From AZ

Screenshot (1329)
Once again, no pics of the dead flasher. Only, the ubiquitous police car with a bonus fire department vehicle! 


Police on Tuesday confirmed the 19-year-old suspect shot and killed by police last week is the same person arrested for flashing women jogging along Murphy’s Bridle Path in central Phoenix in 2016.

Chukwumankpam Mbegbu was 17 when police arrested him in September 2016.
According to police, Mbegbu approached women who were jogging, exposed himself to them and then touched himself in a lewd fashion.

Mbegbu, whose name was not released at the time because he was a minor, was detained at the Maricopa County Juvenile Court Center on suspicion of public sexual indecency and indecent exposure.

Fast forward to Friday, June 29, 2018, when Mbegbu was involved in a fight with a woman in the area of 40th Avenue and Colter Street.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, officers were trying to detain and disarm Mbegbu when he fired a shot at them.

Three officers fired back.

One of the stories I read about Chuk’s flasher days indicated he was an African.

Not seeing any anti-police protests!  Could that be because there is no advantage to be gained by the left to advertise the presence of an immigrant sexual predator brandishing a gun.

Wouldn’t you like to know how these Africans got in to the US, and, if through a legal program, shouldn’t we know which LEGAL programs are failing to screen them.

I’m assuming both of these men are refugees until someone tells me otherwise. 

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