Have you no shame John McCullough?

Who is the Reverand McCullough?

He is the handsomely compensated CEO of Church World Service and here, The Hill, gives him a platform to play the Christian guilt card on members of Congress and their foolish naive staff people who will read this op-ed and say—yes, of course we must admit 75,000 third worlders to American towns and cities and shroud the whole process in secrecy!



Here is McCullough being arrested outside the White House during the Obama Administration while protesting on behalf of illegal alien rights.  You, the American taxpayer, pay 74% of his salary!


I know a good bit about CWS because it is the federal refugee resettlement contractor that came to Washington County, Maryland in 2007 and because of the activities of its subcontractor, Virginia Council of Churches, you are now reading Refugee Resettlement Watch!

You can read McCullough’s piece on your own.

It is the same old s**t with no mention of the fact that Church World Service’s entire budget rests on whether the resettled numbers in FY 19 are high or low because CWS is paid on a refugee per head basis for its ‘charitable’ Christian good works!

[An afterthought… let me be clear for new readers…I don’t care if someone has a huge salary, in fact I think that is wonderful, but when that huge salary comes involuntarily from us, the taxpayers, his ‘work’ becomes our business!]

You know what I think a real Christian leader would do—he would go to the third world, risk his own safety, and help people there!


Lowering the refugee ceiling would be an abandonment of American leadership

No surprise that The Hill gives McCullough a platform while having turned down writers who espouse a differing point of view on the subject.

Tomorrow I’ll call The Hill and see if they turn me down too!

Here is a page from Church World Service’s most recent Form 990:

Screenshot (1343)_LI
Circled in red is the Reverend’s direct compensation and the last column is related income from the organization or other related organizations.  Just so you know a member of Congress makes an annual salary of $174,000!


And see here at Charity Navigator that they are 74% government funded!

CWS funding
From Charity Navigator:  https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=7685


As I have said repeatedly, until the federal contractors (acting as political community organizers)*** are removed from the process there will be no real reform of how the US resettles refugees.


***Here are the nine federal contractors and the percentage of their federally funded income from last year.  You can see that CWS is now receiving a greater share of their income from you this year than last.

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees into your towns and cities and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)! 

From most recent accounting, here.



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