Sweden: Muslim Immigrants Say Chinese Virus Infecting them at High Rates

“We need to look at the more fundamental issue, which is class, which is racism, which is social status, which is income.”

(Rashid Musa chairman of the Swedish Young Muslims)

Never let a good crisis go to waste!

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I’ve written extensively (for years) about socialist Sweden’s welcome to migrants from the third world, but even with its arms wide open, Swedes can’t win.  (See my Sweden archive.)

Now their welcoming society is responsible for killing off mostly Somali and Iraqi migrants as the government sought to keep its country and economy relatively free of draconian measures as those most countries have employed to (supposedly) stop the virus.

Here is the AP at ABC News helping to spread the social justice über alles message.  Expect more stories like this one to help fuel division between the rich and poor (even in ‘socialist’ Sweden).

Coronavirus takes a toll in Sweden’s immigrant community

Rich skiers infect poor cabbie….


STOCKHOLM — The flight from Italy was one of the last arrivals that day at the Stockholm airport. A Swedish couple in their 50s walked up and loaded their skis into Razzak Khalaf’s taxi.

It was early March and concerns over the coronavirus were already present, but the couple, both coughing for the entire 45-minute journey, assured Khalaf they were healthy and just suffering from a change in the weather. Four days later, the Iraqi immigrant got seriously ill with COVID-19.

Still not able to return to work, Khalaf is part of the growing evidence that those in immigrant communities in the Nordic nations are being hit harder by the pandemic than the general population.

Rashid Musa heads the Swedish Young Muslims. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sveriges_Unga_Muslimer

Sweden took a relatively soft approach to fighting the coronavirus, one that attracted international attention. Large gatherings were banned but restaurants and schools for younger children have stayed open. The government has urged social distancing, and Swedes have largely complied.

The country has paid a heavy price, with 3,175 fatalities from COVID-19. That’s more than 31 deaths per 100,000 population, compared with about 8 per 100,000 in neighboring Denmark, which imposed a strict lockdown early on that is only now being slowly lifted.

Inside Sweden’s immigrant communities, anecdotal evidence emerged early in the outbreak that suggested that some — particularly those from Somalia and Iraq — were hit harder than others.

Last month, data from Sweden’s Public Health Agency confirmed that Somali Swedes made up almost 5 percent of the country’s COVID-19 cases, yet represented less than 1 percent of its 10 million people.

Many in these communities are more likely to live in crowded, multigeneration households and are unable to work remotely. [I seriously doubt that large numbers are out working!—ed]


Sweden, Norway and Finland recognized early failings in community outreach in minority languages and are seeking to fix this. The town of Jarfalla, outside Stockholm, has had high school students hand out leaflets in Somali, Persian, French and other languages, urging people to wash their hands and stay home if sick.


But teacher and community activist Rashid Musa says the problem runs much deeper.

“I wish it were that easy — that you needed to just translate a few papers,” he said. “We need to look at the more fundamental issue, which is class, which is racism, which is social status, which is income.”

“The rich have the opportunity to put themselves into quarantine, they can go to their summer houses,” Musa said.

More here.

Get ready for more stories like that one!

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3 thoughts on “Sweden: Muslim Immigrants Say Chinese Virus Infecting them at High Rates

  1. If the incredibly liberal, tolerant Swedes were so “racist” they would never have let you in, Mr. Musa!

    I would actually like to see more reporting on vitamin D deficiency and how it affects the immune response. There’s research that points to it being an issue in COVID-19 death rates because…dark skinned people living at more northerly latitudes have trouble manufacturing vitamin D from sunlight, which we have known for years!

    This may help to explain, for example, excess COVID-19 deaths among black Americans in Detroit. That doesn’t generate as many clicks or create a manufactured need for more “programs”. Vitamin D capsules are pretty cheap.

    1. Thanks for mentioning this. It is just what I have been thinking too. I’ve read it is especially difficult for dark skinned women who are either at home or covered from head to to toe (obviously) to get enough Vitamin D. There were some theories a number of years ago that the high level of autism in Somali children living in northern climates might also be related to Vitamin D. But, as you say fixing a Vitamin D deficiency is too easy! And, then there is no longer a cause for the social justice warriors to champion!

  2. IIRC, the girls in the Scandinavian countries have to dye their hair black to avoid being attacked by the “migrants”. These people go to foreign countries and abuse their hospitality, and then accuse them of racism?

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