Columbus, Ohio: Refugee Gang-Raped in Low-Income Neighborhood

Big surprise, Not!  How many times over the years have I posted on violence against refugees who were placed in bad neighborhoods and substandard housing by the ‘religious charities’ that the US State Department hired to take care of them.

The ‘charities’ will claim in their defense that they don’t have the money to place refugees in better housing which begs the question:

Then why are you advocating for more refugees to be brought to America if you can’t take care of them?

Just the other day I told you about Church World Service‘s subcontractor in Columbus looking for more refugees to be brought to Columbus:

HIAS Tells Supporters—Pressure Biden to Stick to Promise—125,000 Refugees THIS Year

And, I see from the map I published yesterday that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society has an office in Columbus:

During Trump’s Presidency Many Refugee Agency Affiliates Closed

So either the subcontractor working for Church World Service or the one working for HIAS is responsible for the unhappy Bhutanese refugees’ living conditions!

See HIAS bragging about its work in “welcoming” Columbus!

If you were to challenge them on their responsibility, they would likely say they aren’t responsible after the refugees have been here three months—an outrage in itself—because they are only paid to take care of them (their “clients”) for three months!

The Bhutanese are mostly Hindu and Buddhists and a small percentage are Christians. Peaceful people who you can imagine are targeted by a certain element of city dwellers. Hint! they are not terrorized by white nationalists!  But, the diversity-promoting resettlement agencies apparently figure they can just mix minorities together in ‘melting-pot’ America and everyone will live in multi-cultural Nirvana..


Thanks to a reader for sending me this from The CW Columbus:

After reported rape, refugees say living conditions at Columbus apartment are unsafe

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) — After fleeing horrors in their native countries, some refugees in Columbus said their American Dream is turning into a nightmare, in part because of where they live.

Advocates for the Bhutanese/Nepali community said a report of a gang rape at an apartment complex on the northeast side highlights the problems in the neighborhood.

Yolanda Board, with the North Community Counseling Center, serves refugees. Earlier this month, she had to assist a woman who told police she was gang-raped at the apartments.

“This client was barged in on by four individuals, four men, and was subsequently raped and robbed,” Board said.

Board said conditions at the complex, The Commons at Victoria Village, are unsafe and the rape claim is highlighting that.

“We’re aware of years, in excess of a decade of incidents of outright negligence,” she said.

Her group claims there are health and safety issues, including rodents and a lack of proper locks on doors to common areas and apartments.

“Anybody walking off the street can just walk in there, sleep in the hallway, or do whatever,” Board said.

By the way, one subject that has never been fully explored is the connection some federal resettlement contractors have with questionable landlords.

Don’t miss this from the Bhutanese community of Democrat-run Columbus:


NEWS RELEASE                                   JANUARY 26, 2021


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9 thoughts on “Columbus, Ohio: Refugee Gang-Raped in Low-Income Neighborhood

  1. These “churches” have aligned with the Slum Lords to fill their horrible apartments and houses….because no one else in America will rent there.

    Churches are helping the Gonifs….and they get paid from our taxes.

      1. Ditto on that :0) Honest, I don’t know how you do it, Ann.
        Between my dog and preparing for our podcast to expose the homicide of my Dad by family members….and following the terror of the Killary, Obummer, Biden coup on our country…I just want to curl up in a ball in a corner somewhere … but we all fight on.

      2. True. That Bank of America taking of people’s accounts and seeing where they were on Jan.6, 2021…with no resistance from BoA….was frightening and sick at the same time. And, the Feds didn’t even have warrants!

        Maybe you could picture these corrupt Jackwanes in prison some day…permanently.

        All dictators usually die by people rising up…or the people around them can’t take it anymore.

        I keep saying, it’s always darkest before the Dawn…..
        Stay safe and healthy so we can enjoy the Dawn.

  2. Not surprising. No one listens. When we point out that immigrants are being exploited and abused, are merely another industry, like Climate Control we are called “racist”. Same happening in Europe. ” More harm is done by fools through foolishness than is done by evil-doers through wickedness.” Mohammed.

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