Refugee News Round-up: First week of March 2021

I thought that one of the most interesting articles this week was this one from Politico where the authors suggest that President Trump has permanently damaged the general publics’ view of refugees.

They suggest that, before Trump, the country loved and welcomed refugees in one big bipartisan lovefest, but now, not so much.

It was a myth that the vast majority of Americans welcomed refugees, what Trump did was to speak about it and make it okay for Americans who feel the same to discuss and debate the issue of whether moving the third world to America benefits Americans.

In other words he gave us all permission to speak (LOL! as he does on many topics.)

One Way Trump May Have Changed Immigration Forever

For decades, U.S. presidents have managed a delicate consensus on taking in refugees. Trump blew it up.



Another piece of information this week is that Biden has so far failed to sign the “emergency” order that would set the ceiling on refugee admissions at 62,500 to arrive in the US by September 30th.

That lack of action has the resettlement contractors*** panties in a wad as refugee flights have been suddenly canceled.

From the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. Refugee Flights Canceled as Record-Low Cap on Admissions Remains

Here we have one of the contractors, the International Rescue Committee, gently chiding their President to get moving to implement the emergency determination.

IRC calls on the Biden Administration to sign an emergency refugee admissions goal for FY21

Then there is the border crisis….

I suspect that the Biden administration is too overwhelmed with the crisis at the border as tens of thousands of migrants are making their way into the country.

Among them are thousands of so-called ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children,’ actually mostly teenagers who come under the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).

They aren’t really legally defined refugees, but are illegal migrants hoping to prove an asylum case.

Having placed the illegal alien kids (mostly teens) under the care of ORR a number of years ago, the open borders agitators have managed to advance their propaganda about the kids being legit refugees.

Legitimate refugees must prove they are “persecuted” they can’t just be poor and shopping for a new country.

From CBS News:

Biden administration scrambles to expand housing space for migrant children amid sharp increase in border apprehensions

And, from the Daily Beast:

Immigrant Advocates Warn Biden: Don’t Repeat Trump’s ‘Unforgivable Crimes’

Firmly cementing the idea in the public mind that the illegals scrambling across our borders are legitimate refugees, we have a United Nations agency, IOM, helping the migrants enter the US.

From the Federalist:

United Nations Officials Shepherd Migrants Across Southern Border


Back to the US Refugee Admissions Program….

Now, just as I showed you in my round-up last week, fluffy refugee stories are being published in many locations where refugees will be distributed by the contractors.  See my earlier post on locations where refugees are likely to be placed, at least at first.

I’ve been posting some of those puff-pieces at my Refugee Resettlement page on Facebook and they have reached thousands; hundreds have weighed-in with spirited comments.

News from Colorado:




Minnesota:  Don’t miss my post at ‘Frauds and Crooks!’

Will Minnesota be the first Muslim State in America?

One last thing to watch for…

A libertarian think tank is promoting the idea of private sponsorship of refugees.  Now on the surface you might think that is a great idea because the numbers admitted would surely decline because frankly how many people or groups could pull together the enormous amounts of money needed to completely take care of refugee families WITHOUT THE TAXPAYERS.

But that isn’t what they propose.  This new group of privately sponsored refugees would be in addition to the ones that would be admitted through the regular US Refugee Admissions Program where the contractors are paid with your money to resettle refugees.

It is merely an effort to get MORE refugees into the United States.

***For New Readers these are the nine federal refugee contractors who worked to put Biden and Harris in the White House, are lobbying for millions of illegal aliens to be transformed into legal voting citizens, and they have succeeded in getting the new administration to promise to raise the ceiling for refugee admissions to 125,000 for next year FY2022—that is the highest it has been in 29 years.

The 62,500 number is for the remainder of FY21.  FY21 ends in less than 7 months.

They are largely paid by you, the taxpayer, for their work of changing America by changing the people, and in so doing, are putting struggling Americans last!

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6 thoughts on “Refugee News Round-up: First week of March 2021

    The ones who have damaged the migrant issue is the Left, Biden and company, those tearing down our country , and the migrants themselves. We are a Sovereign Nation…or we were. None we have a take over of our country…..

    President Trump did everything he could to stop the illegals breaking into our country…bringing thieves, violent people, drugs, and disease because they are not longer checked at the border.

    The dream of the Bushs’ NEW WORLD ORDER is to tear us down…thereby leaving people without jobs to the point they are permanently in poverty.
    An impoverished people means control over everyone’s life, and a compliant nation to whatever they say.

    The Wuhan virus is a scam…can anyone tell me the numbers on how many flu deaths since this started? I used to hear the numbers i every Friday not on the news. Haven’t heard the numbers since February 2020. So does that mean the virus killed all flu?
    Or that’s supposed to be what believe. Hogwash.

    Voting machines rigged and in the freest country in the world….we can’t even stop fraud and theft of our own country.

    Can we RECALL Biden? Not without a Civil war.

  2. City of Refuge, ha, what a joke! Send them back- we don’t need anymore parasites in our country. Send the do- gooders back with them. We’re broke!!!!

  3. I keep hearing that WY is the only state in which no refugees are resettled. If that is true, how does WY maintain that status? State law or?

    1. Decades ago when the Refugee Admissions Program was created by Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter (among others), states could agree to be part of the program. Wyoming never did. Now about 5 or so years ago the Republican governor there did promote the idea of joining the program and there was tremendous blowback by the citizens of Wyoming and that killed his idea. If you use my search window and enter the word Wyoming, all of my many many posts on the state will come up and you can read about that battle.

      There are a few states that get only a handful of refugees. LOL One of those is Joe Biden’s Delaware!

  4. The drawn-out Politico piece “One Way Trump May Have Changed Immigration Forever,” by a Mr. Jack Herrera (yep), is not what the title may suggest. I expected an appreciative view of Trump’s handling of immigration to this country, but Herrera takes a damage-assessment approach instead. He also invokes Thomas Paine’s mention to “prepare in time an asylum for mankind” and the Statue of Liberty’s “beacon” to the “huddled masses”.
    Thomas Paine also noted, in the same writing (Common Sense), that “Europe, and not England, is the parent country of America. This new world hath been the asylum for the persecuted lovers of civil and religious liberty from every part of Europe.” Just Europe? He doesn’t mention the others, as they didn’t decide to partake of the opportunity until well after this ground was claimed and a European-Christian national identity well established. And we all know the poem by Lazarus was a late add-on, not a part of, the Statue of Liberty and its meaning. I guess they just can’t get the timing right. Laggards lose.
    Funny how they so often try to turn the stern gaze of our forefathers upon us, quoting the ancient words of people like us–who simply want to keep the country our forefathers left us to our forefathers’ people–as if to disarm and silence us. I wish Mr. Paine were here today! They certainly would not like to hear what he would say about forced demographic replacement, “cancel culture,” etc.
    Herrera describes himself thus: “I report on immigration from a human rights perspective; I also cover issues of race and social power. I’m interested in migration, gender, incarceration, and colonial legacies.” Wouldn’t ya know it.

    1. WE like refugees ask permission first and qualify to come in.
      We do not not like people who break into our country…and the once here do illegal things. commit all kinds of crime and violence.

      Joe Bitme…is the opposite….
      Illegals have to go…along with China Joe, Soros , and Obama who is actually the shadow President….

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