Somalis still arriving in Greeley, looking for work

There was a little noontime luncheon meeting in Greeley, CO a few days ago to tell citizens of Greeley what the state of the refugee resettlement program is in that city in the wake of recent firings of Somali refugees at the Swift meatpacking plant.  Only 25 people came to listen.   I am amazed at the […]

Agriprocessors manager arrested for role in fake immigration documents

We’ve posted before about the Iowa slaughterhouse Agriprocessors, which was the target of a big immigration raid in May. Today the Associated Press reported: CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — A former manager of a kosher slaughterhouse that was found to have employed hundreds of illegal immigrants was arrested Thursday by authorities who allege he helped many of […]

Community organizers to descend on Shelbyville, TN next week

Three groups advocating for “unity” and “understanding” will hold a community meeting to try to exorcize bad feelings that came to the fore last year when increasing Somali refugee numbers in the meatpacking town began to impact local residents.   If you recall the tensions came to a head and made national news when the Tyson’s […]

We are our theoretical brothers’ keepers, but not our real ones’

It was just a coincidence that on the same day I heard a clip of Barack 0bama saying once again “We are our brothers’ keepers” I read about his Auntie Zeituni Onyango living in a Boston slum. You’ve probably heard all about it already, but I can’t resist commenting anyway. It was the British Times (formerly […]

Immigrants to Quebec will be required to sign agreement to assimilate

This is interesting.  Canada has been having problems, perhaps greater than the US has had, in getting immigrants to assimilate and respect Canadian values so Quebec has gone one step further.   New immigrants will be required to sign a declaration that they intend to learn French and respect the values of their adopted country.  Needless […]

Obama and his Columbia/South Africa protest years

A commenter sent this link to my post of a few days ago in which I “Answered Hugh Fitzgerald”, and afraid the link would be lost there, I’m posting it here.  It is a very informative analysis by Zombietime blog of Obama’s missing Columbia University years.   I found it interesting to note Obama’s involvement in the anti-Apartheid […]

Stalemate in South African refugee camp

If you have been reading RRW for some time, you know we have been following the implosion in South Africa where native South Africans (mostly blacks) rampaged last spring and attacked fellow Africans (blacks) who have illegally made themselves at home in South Africa. Some of those aliens are still living in makeshift refugee camps and are […]

Barack Obama and the triumph of Marxism

Read this excellent essay by Fjordman at the Brussels Journal yesterday.  Barack Hussein Obama represents the triumph of cultural Marxism; or perhaps we should simply say Marxism. One generation after Ronald Reagan led the USA to “victory,” a person with Marxist sympathies could be about to be elected President of the USA. Fjordman is one […]

Iraqi Palestinian refugees going to Chile

Another short post: You know I think I have seen more angst by the NGO’s and the UN over the Palestinian friends of Saddam (now refugees) then over the Christian Iraqis suffering at the hands of Muslim extremists.  Here is an article about the Palestinians being resettled in Chile.  Did you know that Chile has a […]