Report: Life stinks for Somalis in Ireland

Since I’m on the subject of Europe (see my previous post about Malta, here), I thought I better get this older news story from Ireland posted before it’s way too old. Some Leftwing activist groups have published a report bemoaning life in Ireland for Somali refugees.  Here is how the article in the Irish Times begins: […]

Moving more of ’em out of Malta…

….to a town near you! I’ve written ad naseam about the precedent being set by the US State Department and our US ambassadors to Malta of taking Malta’s illegal alien boat people and sending them to the US as full-fledged refugees.   Next will we take other EU countries’ asylum seekers—Italy’s, France’s, Greece’s etc.?  Here we go again! […]

Refugee gardening projects cost taxpayers a cool million bucks this year!

Your tax dollars: I told you about one of the latest trends in the burgeoning refugee business—refugee gardening here, and a reader involved with a project in Ft. Wayne told us about the pitfalls (mostly refugees don’t want to do the work) here.  So when I saw an article about a gardening grant to the International Institute […]

Rise of the European right wing frightens American left wing journalists

That isn’t really the title of the lengthy article in the Washington Post on Tuesday, but that’s the basic feeling I got when I read the article really entitled, ‘Anti-Muslim feelings propel right wing’ about the rising political power of immigration restrictionist groups in Europe. The WaPo begins (and note they need to get that […]

“Shabaabers” shoot two teenage girls in Somalia

Whenever I’m short on time to post (as I am today), I can be sure to quickly check my alerts and find some new and shocking story involving Somalis.  Here the New York Times reports on the execution of two teens, one only 14 years old, accused of spying for Ethiopia.   You can read all […]

Open Borders gang wants more Africans admitted to US and questions DNA testing requirement

That is basically the gist of the post at a blog called Immigration Impact. Who are these political activists pretending to be non-partisan policy analysts?  Frankly, I don’t know exactly because I see they reference the Immigration Policy Center which is an arm of the American Immigration Council which is itself a spin-off of the American Immigration […]

Comment worth noting: Reader tells us we need to comment on DNA testing regulations

Update:  More on the regulations and how the Open Borders groups are not happy with DNA testing of Africans, here. Yesterday reader Tony Lee posted this comment here on the Somali brothers food stamp scam post. Regarding the regulation opening up “family reunification” for refugees, readers are invited to comment at the federal register website […]

Portland, ME immigrants, noncitizens, say it’s only fair they should be able to vote

……and vote for Democrats! I hope the big immigraton control groups like FAIR and NumbersUSA are on this case.  On Tuesday, November 2nd, voters in Portland, Maine will vote on whether noncitizens will be allowed to vote in local elections. From an AP story at the Lewiston Sun Journal (where they too have a stake in […]

Canada’s American actor “refugee,” one Canadian’s opinion

This is a short follow-up to my post of last night about American actor in trouble with the law in the US, Randy Quaid, seeking refugee status in Canada.  While reading another article on the controversial issue of asylum seekers seeing Canada as their “sugar daddy,” I noted this comment from reader ‘let me tell […]

Update on those Somali brothers who ran Michigan food stamp scam

I first told you about this story in August, here.  What interests me about the news about their guilty plea a week ago is that this food stamp scam story went beyond local news outlets.   I’ve been following these cases for several years and they rarely go beyond local newspapers or local TV stations.  This story […]