Wisconsin has multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis in its refugee population

It’s getting worse.  First we were told only refugees with latent TB are permitted entry into the US, then Michael Patrick Leahy writing at Breitbart reported that, no, active TB is coming in as well.  Now, we learn that even a more serious problem could be developing in your towns with multi-drug resistant TB in […]

Asheville, North Carolina! You are next! Federal refugee contractor has come to town

There were some other things to write about this morning, but here we are, once again, telling you about the latest town targeted by the UN/US State Department and the International Rescue Committee to be the among the new sites for placement of mostly Middle Eastern and African refugees. And, the amazing thing is that […]

Swiss take Muslim assimilation seriously; girls can't become citizens if they refuse coed swim class

Invasion of Europe news….. Switzerland is one of the few countries in Europe not completely inundated with migrants from the Middle East and Africa.  And, if this news gets out in a big way, maybe fewer Muslim migrants will be knocking on their doors. From the Washington Times: The Swiss government recently rejected citizenship for […]

Tomorrow Obama will nag businesses to give jobs and stuff to refugees

In September Obama and Justin Trudeau will be hosting a refugee shindig at the United Nations and so in advance of that Reuters tells us Obama will be pressuring businesses (starting tomorrow) to give more jobs to refugees, and more goodies too.  I guess he wants to brag at the UN this fall. But, wait, […]

A letter to the citizens of Radford, Virginia (a new targeted resettlement site)

I’m not going to snip this must-read article published by Jeff Bayard at the Virginia Free Citizen today because I want you to go there and read the whole thing!  Bayard has nailed it—this is exactly what you can expect if your town is secretly chosen. Radford, Virginia is apparently joining other towns that the UN/US […]

Is Welcoming America "collaborating" in your town with your elected officials/businesses

Oh boy, the newest buzz word in the refugee industry is “collaboration” (gee, is that what is driving the Twin Falls mayor and council too, they want to be like Boise?). Here is a story on Cleveland where we are told that the refugees are better off than refugees anywhere else in America! Yes, you […]

Idaho again! Will the ticking time bomb of TB go off in your state one day?

Michael Patrick Leahy has released another in a series of investigative reports on Tuberculosis and other communicable diseases permitted entry to the US with the refugee flow to 48 states (and soon to one more—Montana). And, if you are saying to yourself, sheesh Idaho again!, remember this is happening where you live or will happen […]

Idaho update: City council meets again, citizen reports little girl afraid to go outside

This is the latest news from Twin Falls, Idaho about the case where three migrant boys from Sudan and Iraq are accused of sexually assaulting a 5 year old girl in their apartment complex.  Officials admit the boys have likely been in the US for less than two years, but say they do not know […]

Hillary's 65,000 Syrians would cost US over $400 billion over their lifetimes

That is the estimate the highly respected Heritage Foundation expert on welfare, Robert Rector, has estimated. The Daily Caller has the story, here. Hillary Clinton’s proposal to accept an additional 65,000 Syrian refugees annually could potentially cost $403 billion in lifetime costs if implemented all four years in a hypothetical first term. That’s according to […]

Twin Falls: First amendment experts' responses to Idaho US Attorney were "swift and severe"

The story is a long way from being dead especially after the Idaho US Attorney Wendy Olson issued a threatening press statement about the case that took weeks to see the light of day because (we can only assume) the details went against the narrative officials have been portraying about the joys of multiculturalism being […]