US is screening Muslim immigrants with some rigor

YES!   That is exactly what many of us were hoping for!   Here’s how an article published at The Chicago Tribune—an article that originated last week at the McClatchy Newspapers—begins (Hat tip:  Brian at Us or Them blog):

 WASHINGTON – In the six and a half years since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, federal law-enforcement agencies have secretly established profiling techniques to screen immigrants based on their nationalities, protocols that critics charge encourage the unjustified targeting of Muslims.


The profiling, described in a February 2006 Immigration and Customs Enforcement memo obtained by McClatchy Newspapers, shows that the government has relied more heavily on nationality as an indicator of security risks than was previously known.


Federal agencies have created internal lists of countries that are of “special interest” for national security reasons, wrote the memo’s author, Ted Stark, supervisory special agent with the Office of Intelligence at ICE.

Please read Hugh Fitzgerald’s excellent take on this over at Dhimmi Watch.

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