Refugee murder suspect appeared in court yesterday

Update April 12, 2008:   Catholic Community Services that resettled the child’s family makes a statement.

This is an update of the story we have been following in Utah (read the latest at the Salt Lake Tribune).  It’s the sad case of the Burmese Karen Christian girl who was allegedly raped and murdered by another refugee, 21-year-old Esar Met.  Read our previous posts here and here if you are just now learning about this case.

I’ve received some reliable information that suggests that the suspected rapist and killer is a Muslim.  Coincidentally, Gates of Vienna blog earlier this week writes about how Muslim rapists and paedophiles are treated in United Kingdom prisons.  You won’t believe this.  I hope the US legal system doesn’t get any ideas!

 Actually, this whole story reads like a dystopian fantasy by Kafka or Orwell. Muslim prisoners may not be treated for paedophilia because their religion forbids it. But denial of parole for failure to undergo treatment is — wait for it — religious discrimination against them.

The UK has definitely moved into first place in the world “You Can’t Make This S**t Up” sweepstakes.

Read the whole Gates of Vienna post here.


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