Somalis having landlord problems in Nebraska–no you are kidding!

Yesterday a reader alerted us to another hot spot for Somalis and Tyson’s Food.  According to our reader, about 1200 Somalis have migrated to South Sioux City, NE to follow Tyson’s, presumably many of those had previously worked in the recently closed Emporia, KS meatpacking plant.   Read all about the Emporia, KS Somali problem here.

Although I will remind readers that we admitted 6958 new Somali refugees to the US in 2007 alone, so these South Sioux City people could be new Somalis and not Emporia’s.  That has to bring the total number of Somalis resettled in recent years to over 80,000.

In South Sioux City the Somalis claim they were evicted from apartments due to race. 

Imagine moving to another place thousands of miles away from where you came and feeling like you don’t belong once you get to there. About 25 African Refugees say that’s exactly what happened to them in South Sioux City, Nebraska.

News Channel Four caught up with one of many refugees who say they allegedly got terminated or wrongfully evicted from the apartment complex they were living in not because of money but because of their race.

The owner of the apartment complex says the allegations are false and it never happened but the director of Fair Housing in Omaha Nebraska says their investigation indicates something different.


The director of Fair Housing in Omaha Nebraska says they’ve obtained documented stories from 25 refugees.


Eventually it could be turned over to the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office.
They are the ones that would determine if these allegations are in fact true and if any charges would be filed.

Note to this landlord.  You need to compare notes with landlords in Manchester, NH and Shelbyville, TN because we have heard similar stories from those cities.    In Manchester there were lawsuits by refugees, and reports of Somali refugees destroying apartments.  In Shelbyville, the Somali residents of an apartment complex drove away other tenants because of their rude and disruptive behavior.   Check out a landlord problem closer to home in Lexington, NE where landlords reported Somalis burning wood on top of the kitchen stove.

It is not about race, it is about culture and the apparent unwillingness of the Somalis to assimilate to America.  Or, possibly they were never taught to assimilate by the volags contracted by the US State Department to resettle them here.

BTW,  Somalis have landlord problems in Finland too. 

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