Spencer tells us why the Tyson’s Labor Day incident was not a little thing

Yesterday, noted Islamic expert, Robert Spencer, reported to readers at Jihad Watch why the Tyson’s incident was an important event and we ignore it at our peril.    This is how he wraps up the post, but please read the whole thing here:

The idea that non-Muslims must be inconvenienced in order to accommodate Muslims is precisely the problem. And the fact is that there is an organized effort to build on such accommodations in order to create a privileged status for Muslims and Islam in the U.S. The Brotherhood memorandum speaks of the Islamization of the U.S. as happening slowly and incrementally. Obviously they don’t announce their overall goal with each initiative, but the Brotherhood has turned out to be behind many of these incidents — notably the refusal of cab drivers at the Minneapolis airport to carry passengers with alcohol, and the charter school that was teaching Islam while receiving public funds. In light of its involvement with such incidents, can they really be viewed as isolated? Can the Brotherhood’s own stated overall goals safely be discounted as having nothing to do with these initiatives? Is it not possible that their goal of Islamization might be being pursued incrementally, in small steps?

I don’t think that possibility can safely be discounted, and that’s why I am wary of the Tyson incident and other initiatives aimed at accommodating Islamic practices. Each may be in itself utterly innocuous — but that Brotherhood plan is real, and I believe we ignore it at our own risk.

Remember: Islam means “submission.” That’s what it’s all about.


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