More on “change” we can believe in…

As I said the day after the election of The One, I’m going to post from time to time on what I learn about the underpinnings of Obama’s “change” driven views.   The passage below is from Saul Alinsky’s introduction written in 1968 to an earlier book entitled “Reveille for Radicals.” 

I’m trying to figure out what the “change” is for, or toward?  Why do we for instance disrupt communities with third world refugees claiming that the diversity is good for the citizens?  This passage gives more credence to the argument I made the other day that Alinsky and his followers are really just angry people who enjoy forcing change on us dull people, and think they are somehow making our lives better, more creative, and happier.

“Each victory will bring a new vision of human happiness for man’s highest end is to create—total fulfillment, total security, would dull the creative drive.  Ours is really the quest for uncertainty, for that continuing change that is life.  The pursuit of happiness is never ending—the happiness lies in the pursuit” [emphasis is the authors].

Well, maybe for Alinksy happiness lies in the “quest for uncertainty” but he has a hell of a lot of nerve shoving the concept down the throats of the rest of us through his radical and authoritarian ethos taken to the next step—community organizing.  I for one have no problem with having a dull Norman Rockwell life in America.  [I just had a funny vision of trying to community organize a Norman Rockwell-type small town, devoid of any grievance group and filled with dullards.]

And, if Barack Obama believes this clap-trap of “happiness is in the pursuit,”  he must have had a sad awakening on Wednesday morning.

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