Indepth reporting at Frontpage magazine today on missing Somalis

Patrick Poole writing at Frontpage magazine today has pulled together more pieces to the missing Somali men story we first reported here.  Thanks to everyone who sent Poole’s story to me.   He begins:

The funeral for Shirwa Ahmed last week in Burnsville, Minnesota, punctuated a growing national security threat metastasizing inside the U.S. — one Homeland Security and law enforcement authorities have quickly taken note of. Ahmed, who killed himself in a suicide bombing attack in Somalia in October, is just one of up to 40  men from the Twin Cities area who have disappeared and are feared to have returned to their homeland for training with the al-Shabaab terrorist group to wage jihad.

The FBI is investigating similar disappearances in other major Somali communities in Columbus, OH, Atlanta, Boston, San Diego, and Seattle.

Read the article, he has lots of new information.   In conclusion he wonders if the terrorist network, obviously operational in the US, can be unraveled before trained and battle-tested terrorists come home to a city near you.

For several years, the media and Homeland Security authorities have failed to take seriously the terrorist threat that has been growing in many communities. Now stunned by these disappearances in Minneapolis and other locations, they are finally beginning to take notice. Whether these very recent efforts will be able to dismantle the extensive terrorist support network here before the threat rebounds from the terrorist camps in Somalia back to the U.S. remains to be seen.

If you live near a Somali community in the US, let us know if there are recent reports of missing young men.  It’s time to identify them and block their return to the US.

An additional wrinkle in this story about Somali refugees possibly going back to Africa for terrorist training is that many have arrived here fraudulently in the first place.  It is high time the mainstream media puts both stories together, dumping the sob story angle seen yesterday in the Washington Post, so that the public can begin to understand the enormity of this issue.

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