Happy New Year!

As we begin another year at Refugee Resettlement Watch, Judy and I wish all of our readers a good year ahead!

In July Refugee Resettlement Watch will turn two and we are happy to report that our readership numbers continue in a steady upward trend.   For a small, plain, focused blog we are thrilled that over 200,000 readers have visited us so far.  

We enjoy posting each article knowing that we bring you information that you might not read anywhere else.   And, in a few minutes I’ll post our 1417th post.

Finally, as we have done on other occasions, we want to encourage you to have the same fun and experience the satisfaction we get by writing a blog of your own!    There is so much information the mainstream media is not bringing to the public and now through blogging we have this easy way of becoming  investigative journalist/pundits (no journalism school involved!)—get the satisfaction of helping advance free speech—give blogging a try!

If you are already a blogger, feel free to post a comment with a link to your blog and tell us and our readers what you write about.

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