Comments worth noting: most pressing issue of the day

We just created this category the other day, comments worth noting, and here, so soon, is another.    From new reader Kateliz:

Just found your blog. I am certain that RRW is among the most pressing isssues of our day. In his book America Alone, Mark Steyn spelled out many alarming trends. In so doing, he was accused by the British Columbia human rights commission of hate speech because he brought these issues to light. I will certainly become a regular reader.

Kateliz, we couldn’t agree more.   We loved Steyn’s ‘America Alone’—a book everyone should read—depressing and humorous as hell all at once!   And, although Pres. Obama has immigration way down his priority list (for which I am thankful in his case), we think how we handle immigration policy, and specifically Muslim immigration, will determine the future safety and well-being of America.

Welcome Kateliz!

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