Obama, Alinsky and Limbaugh

Sometimes blogs go around in circles with each other. In the “back room” of Refugee Resettlement Watch we can see our statistics — how many people visit us each day, and if they came here from other websites. Our blog platform, Word Press, has a neat feature that automatically generates links to “possible related posts” to posts on other Word Press blogs. That’s how we get some of our commenters who disagree with us, or who agree with us. Today we’re getting a few visitors from a blog called Cinie’s World, so I clicked on the link and found an interesting post called “Alinsky-izing Limbaugh.” Word Press had put up a link to one of Ann’s Alinsky posts at the bottom.  Cinie has the Obama-Alinsky connection down pat. She begins:

The mainstream blogosphere, as opposed to the grassroots blogosphere, like the PUMAsphere, is slowly waking up to the fact that the country is being community organized through Astroturf by those promoting the “surprisinly liberal” guy who ran his campaign for the president as the person who was going to change Washington, politics and the country from the ground up.  Duh.  I keep wondering just what the heck these previously clueless KoolAid drunks, now slowly emerging from their self-induced haze, were thinking for the past two years.  Were they freaking deaf, dumb and blind?  The President Formerly Known As Barry has been spouting Alinsky and using his “get in your face“  tactics to promote his clear agenda all along.  “Change the system” is pretty unambiguous.

I recommend you read the whole post. I clicked on the “About” link to see who Cinie is, and found this:

I am a black, female, lifelong Democrat who changed party affilliation to “none” after the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting, May 31, 2008.  To that point, the Democratic Party nominating process stank; afterwards, it reeked.  To date, I am uncertain as to whom I will vote for, the only thing I’m sure of is, it won’t be Barack Obama.  While that currently puts me in the minority racially, it is my firm belief that my brothers and sisters will “wake up and get it” after Obama is elected, if such a fate was to unfortunately befall America.

She was a Hillary supporter, not a conservative. So it’s especially interesting that she sees through Obama so clearly and is not supporting him, even though much of his agenda is similar to Hillary’s. Anyone who connects Obama to Alinsky would have to be pretty cynical or America-hating to support him and his wretched plans for us, and Cinie is neither.  Let’s hope there are lots of other Democrats who are as clear-sighted and honest as Cinie.

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