What sort of housing does Catholic Charities provide in the Pittsburgh area?

Apparently this sort.  From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

In recent years, they say, the buildings in the 1,200-unit complex have fallen into disrepair. On a recent tour of the complex, peeling paint, crumbling roof shingles and loose pillars on the fronts of buildings were obvious. Garbage was strewn in some areas, but maintenance workers were picking up the trash.

Some units were obviously empty, while others had their windows covered by bed sheets. For the past decade, the complex has been home to dozens of international refugees who were relocated there by Catholic Charities and other agencies.


“The fire chief has found on some fire calls that there were a large number of occupants in an apartment that probably shouldn’t be there. We want to make sure that only the people who are on the lease are the ones living there,” Chief Dolfi said.

This is posted just to make the point to those refugee resettlement offices we are hearing from, those that do take good care of their refugees, and who can’t believe others aren’t.

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