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Comments worth noting is our category for readers comments that are posted now, but on an older post, so it would be unlikely for readers to see them.   I am assuming from past comments that Liam is an Iraqi, but I can’t say for sure.  Liam’s comment to this older post is worth noting because it’s an opportunity to give you additional information.

Liam says:

yes I am asking question

what is the recent arrival of Iraqi families in the USA and which states and which country in the Middle East are they coming from and the dates please

Liam, we are not an agency of the government and so therefore we have no access to the information you are requesting.  We do know that we have brought 9,581 Iraqis to the US this fiscal year that began Oct. 1, 2008.  Where they went in the US, we don’t know.  Where they came from in the Middle East, we don’t know.   The reason we don’t know is that the government and the refugee agencies keep all that secret from the public.

We know all that information is recorded at this office of the US State Department (here), but the average citizen has no access to the data.

Liam said:

all other Iraqi arrival in other countries are getting published

you mention that the USA has resettled 200000 refugees from a different nationalities since 1980
compared to the UK this is very small number

the UK has taken at least four million Iraqis most of them are Kurdish and plenty more from other nationalities

I guess all those other countries publishing data are better than the US, what can I say. We all know the US is the worst country in the world, right Liam?   By the way, there is no way on earth that the UK has taken 4 million Iraqis, but if that  figure is anywhere near being correct, I guess that explains why the UK is having such a horrific experience with immigrants and maybe it’s time they cut back on Middle Easterners in the UK.

Liam said:

every body in the world pay tax not only in the USA
and there is no full employment in any country
and as you know there are plenty of forginers are working in Iraq and getting paid a high salary but Iraqis do not mind

And your point is?

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