‘Lynch mob’ runs refugees out of small Swedish town

Ah, that “welcoming” multicultural utopia we call Sweden where refugees flock by the tens of thousands for Sweden’s vaunted cradle to grave welfare system seems to be cracking a bit.   Hey State of Maine, you may have a “cadillac” welfare sytem but Sweden’s got a Rolls-Royce.

This morning there is news that in the little town of Vannas a ‘lynch mob’ gathered recently and succeeded in scaring a number of refugees out of town.

Nearly half of the predominantly Iraqi-refugees residing in Vännäs in northern Sweden have decided to permanently move out of the area after being terrorized by what police called “a lynch mob” in early May.

“I thought that Vännäs was the perfect place for us. And there are many, many friendly people here. But we still don’t dare to stay; I’m seriously concerned about my children’s safety,” said father of five Ismail Ramadan to the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

Ramadan’s family and several others have decided to abandon plans of starting a life in the small community outside of Umeå less than two weeks after a group of 30 to 50 young people assembled outside the apartment building in which the refugees lived and began shouting threats and throwing stones.

The May 9th incident resulted in several broken windows and many frightened refugees.

The local refugee coordinator took action.

The weekend of harassment prompted municipality refugee coordinator Ingrid Lindroth to evacuate the refugees to safety.

The police said the incident was not that serious.   Read the whole story, but apparently it stemmed from an incident where a refugee boy was accused of assaulting a local girl.  We told you recently about the high rate of sexual assault cases Sweden was experiencing here.

But the move was criticized by police, who characterized the decision to evacuate around 40 refugees as “significantly more drastic” than necessary, adding that it complicated the police’s investigation into the incident.

Other townspeople and the local politicians begged the refugees to come back.

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