Arab “refugees”: Problem is unresolved for a reason

We’ve written on this topic many times, but a friend reminded me recently that repetition is critically important and I think it’s especially so with a blog where each day we have new readers from all over the world.

To me the most galling and underreported issue regarding so-called Palestinian refugees is the FACT that their Muslim brethren have no interest (for 60 years!) in resettling the displaced Arabs.   Actually no one has any interest.  Have you ever heard the refugee lobbying groups like Refugees International make a big pitch to resettle the Arabs living now in “camps” in Gaza to the West or to Arab countries.  NO!   They only want them to “return” to Israel!    Why no resettlement?  Because they don’t want to buck the Arab world —-Muslims need to keep the so-called Palestinians suffering.

Also, that is why the recent rumor that Obama was using $20 million to resettle Gazans to the US is so obviously false.   As a matter of fact, if Obama were to begin calling for Palestinian resettlement to the West or to Arab countries all hell would break loose from the Arab world toward Obama.   [Excepting the Iraqi Palestinians—groups are lobbying for their resettlement but that is another story!]

Here is a blog I came across this morning with a long footnoted history of the Arab refugee problem.  I’m posting it because it’s so thorough and I don’t want to lose it for future reference.    The blog called ‘Writing the Wrongs’ posted this yesterday:

Only a George Orwell or a Franz Kafka could have done justice to the story of the Arab refugee problem.


The perpetuation of the Arab refugee problem by the Arab states has the same central purpose as its creation: to bring about the destruction of the State of Israel. No Arab leader has ever tried to hide or obscure this aim. All have repeatedly made it clear that their refusal to absorb refugees into their large, empty, and population-hungry territories stems from their insistence on the right of the refugees “to return to their home,” a “right” held to be identical with the right of the Arab people to Palestine. A natural corollary of this right is the destruction of Israel as a state. The perpetuation of the “refugee problem” is part of the same policy that refuses to concede Israel’s very right to exist.

“Any discussion aimed at a solution of the Palestine problem not based on assuring the refugees’ right to annihilate Israel will be regarded as a desecration of the Arab people and an act of treason,” stated a resolution of the Refugee Conference held at Homs, Syria, in 1957. “If Arabs return to Israel — Israel will cease to exist,” Gamal Abdel Nasser himself said in an interview in Zibicher Woche, September 1, 1961.

The Arab states hoped to achieve the right to introduce into Israel an army (labelled refugees) to blow it up from within as they have failed to destroy it from without.

Gosh, I wonder if they annihilated Israel, where would all the desperate African Muslims go?  Destroying the goose that lays the golden egg—-kind of insane, don’t you think?

Totally digressing!  LOL! Did you read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand?   It might well have been titled “Killing the Goose that Lays Golden Eggs.”

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