Prominent Muslim journalist calls for Palestinian refugees to be resettled in Arab countries

This is a concept we have discussed on several previous occasions.   We believe that Arab countries have purposefully kept Palestinians from getting out of poverty by refusing to resettle them.   Such a move, as suggested by this journalist, would demonstrate true Muslim charity and go a long way to bringing peace to the Middle East.

Now a prominant member of the media has said just that.  From Memri:

Daoud Al-Shiryan, Al-Hayat columnist and deputy secretary-general of Al-Arabiya TV, recently published several articles criticizing how the Palestinian refugees have been treated by the Arab countries in which they live. He called on these countries to integrate the refugees into their societies and to resettle them before they are forced to do so by the international community.

I don’t know about that last phrase.  I can’t quite imagine Obama is going to tell his buddies in the Arab world to please take in the Palestinians.  But, that is what he should do!

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